Podcast: Because ‘cashless is king,’ here is a roadmap to help you choose a solution

Nov. 28, 2023
There is an old saying in the world of finance that cash is king. Not so for vending and micro market operators, where it is all about cashless payment, as consumers, particularly younger customers, rely on operators to offer quick, easy cashless payment solutions.

In this episode of Automatic Merchandiser’s Vending & OCS Nation, host Bob Tullio explores the many cashless payment providers that are available, focusing on the solutions they offer and how they provide operators with a competitive advantage. Listeners will learn about mainstream providers in addition to those who are focused on more targeted solutions.

For any operator who is considering their options regarding cashless payment, Tullio breaks down the technology, often complicated, in a way that will enhance your understanding of what is available. He gets some needed help and commentary from Evan Jarecki, co-founder and CEO of Gimme, as he also speaks with Bill Bartholic of Cantaloupe, Lisa Appelson and Pete Carmain of Nayax, Alan Munson of 365 Retail Markets, David Riddiford and Russell Wolfe of Apriva, Matt Birchard of PayRange, Wilf Martis of GrabScanGo, Ashley Hubler of Wittern Group and Terri Starnes-Bryant of Microtronic Cashless Solutions.


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