Selecta presented crypto-compatible Smart Fridges at Solana Breakpoint 2023

Nov. 6, 2023
Through a collaboration with Solana Pay, Selecta has integrated an innovative payment solution into its Smart Fridges, allowing consumers to pay with cryptocurrencies.

Selecta, the European leader in foodtech, introduced the first food vending machines that enable payments with crypto currencies, through an integration with Solana Pay. This functionality and flexibility provide convenience and freedom of choice in terms of payment options.

The Smart Fridges were presented for the first time during Solana Breakpoint, Oct. 30-Nov. 3, in Zaandam, Netherlands. The event brings together the latest developments in food technology and payment solutions in the industry. Solana Breakpoint is a large-scale gathering of blockchain enthusiasts and tech enthusiasts, focusing on the latest developments for these payment systems.

As part of this collaboration, Selecta has integrated an innovative payment solution into its Smart Fridges, which allowed visitors at the event to pay with cryptocurrencies, specifically Solana Pay, a decentralized, open-source, peer-to-peer payments protocol built on Solana by Solana Labs, the stablecoin USDC and Venta, which integrates the ability to send Solana Pay transactions just by tapping a near-field communication (NFC) wristband.

During the event, visitors could use 16 Smart Fridges in the Taets Art & Event Park, enjoying a variety of fresh food and beverages.

The introduction of cryptocurrency payment options at this event is a first, and it offers a new dimension to the way consumers make their purchases. To pay with crypto at a Smart Fridge, consumers can use a device that works via NFC, such as a smartphone or smartwatch. Anyone who does not have that, can use a smartphone app that is compatible with a crypto wallet. In addition, during the event Selecta handed out Solana Pay wristbands that can be used to pay.

According to the announcement, the collaboration between Selecta, Solana Pay and Venta is not only a showcase of technological innovation but also an expression of a shared vision for the future of payments and food technology. “Our aim is to provide the next level of consumer experience,” Roland Ludwig, CTO/COO of Selecta, said in the announcement. “Enriching the whole client experience with modern, blockchain-based payment options is clearly fostering our leadership in foodtech operations.”

Ludwig continued in the announcement, “We are delighted to have this strong partnership with Solana, building on the clear advantages like speed of transaction processing, transparency and smart contracts, offered via the Solana Web3 and blockchain capabilities.”

Solana Breakpoint is the meeting place for like-minded web developers who want to improve blockchain technology and deploy it in new domains. The event also provides a platform for entrepreneurs to present innovative ideas and raise funds.

Christian Schmitz, CEO of Selecta Group, added in the announcement: "We always want to provide the best service. Supporting new ideas and technology is indispensable to make that possible. That is why we are proud to support Solana Breakpoint and incorporate blockchain technology into our Smart Fridges. Beyond the payment aspect, this multi-prong integration also allows for the transmission of digital assets during the transaction, which enables vendors to engage beyond just the physical transaction."

Watch a video from the event here.


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