Aquablu announces partnership with Selecta to bring sustainable hydration to Europe’s businesses

May 19, 2023
Aquablu partners with Selecta to roll out its new Refill product line in 16 European countries.

Aquablu, a Dutch company founded in 2018 by entrepreneurs Marnix Stokvis and Marc van Zuylen, announced a new strategic partnership with European foodtech market leader Selecta to roll out its new Refill product line in 16 European countries. As of today, Aquablu announced is the exclusive premium water partner of Selecta. This brings the company closer to its goal of saving 1 billion plastic bottles by 2030.

Aquablu developed a smart water tap for retail and business environments. The modern, sleek water taps purify and mineralize tap water, but can also enrich it with sparkling and sugar-free functional flavors. These functional flavors contain natural ingredients that give a refreshing taste to the water, combined with additional vitamins, minerals, and/or caffeine tailored to the user's needs. For example, Fresh Lemon “Immunity” is aimed at strengthening the immune system and contains vitamin C, D, magnesium, and zinc. Red Fruits "Focus" with caffeine gives energy.

Each drink consists of more than 90% water, making it essential that the water is of good quality. By filtering contaminants such as PFAS, chlorine, and microplastics, Aquablu ensures constant water quality, regardless of location or incoming tap water quality.

Marc van Zuylen, co-founder of Aquablu, said in the announcement: "We notice that vitality and personal health are becoming increasingly important themes for companies. To facilitate the transition from packaged drinks to packaging-free drinks, we must go beyond existing solutions. Due to the patented mixing system, users can personalize their drink and create up to 39 different drinks.”

Aquablu also features smart connectivity. "Our Aquablu water tap contains smart, 'connected' functionality that elevates the user experience and sustainability aspects to an even higher level,” Marnix Stokvis, co-founder, added in the announcement. “Through an online dashboard, service staff and users gain insight into usage trends and the filling level of the syrups. This way, for example, maintenance visits can be smartly combined with maintenance on other coffee or vending machines at the customer's location. This saves trips and thus CO2 emissions."

The sustainability data is also valuable for the customer. "Based on usage data, we send impact certificates to our customers,” Stokvis continued. “These show how many plastic bottles and costs they have saved by using the water tap compared to the old situation. We also make the CO2 savings visible in this way. This allows the customer to numerically substantiate their own sustainability efforts and vitality objectives."

According to Tjerry Sanders, group coffee solutions and equipment manager at Selecta, Aquablu fills a growing customer need. "Our main objective is not just delivering drinks, but also creating moments of happiness for our consumers,” Sanders said in the announcement. “That's why we regularly research what can really make our customers happy. Consumers and employers are looking for healthy alternatives to soft drinks, especially younger generations. With Aquablu, we can meet these needs and offer those moments of joy. In addition, we support productivity and well-being in the workplace with (healthy) food, snacks, and drinks."

In addition, the sustainable nature of Aquablu seamlessly aligns with that of Selecta. "In the Netherlands, we are used to drinking tap water,” Sanders continued in the announcement. “But in other countries, water is still often consumed from plastic bottles due to the quality of tap water. With Aquablu's water taps, we offer a sustainable alternative. Furthermore, it is very valuable for us to know in advance when devices require maintenance. This allows us not only to improve our service but also to drive the shortest possible routes and further minimize our environmental impact. In this way, we contribute maximally to a more sustainable world."