Aramark Sports + Entertainment announces upgrades at NHL and NBA arenas

Oct. 13, 2022
Aramark Sports + Entertainment is bringing new hospitality innovations to hockey and basketball fans in the U.S. and Canada with fresh menu creations, culinary collaborations and self-order technology advancements.

Aramark Sports + Entertainment, the food and beverage provider at seven National Hockey League (NHL) and National Basketball Association (NBA) arenas, is embarking on a new season of hospitality innovations and bringing hockey and basketball fans in the U.S. and Canada a variety of fresh menu creations and culinary collaborations, self-order technology advancements, and immersive dining experiences.

“Aramark Sports + Entertainment continues to develop unique food and beverage offerings for sports fans by working collaboratively with our partners to deliver ‘wow’ moments for our guests,” Alison Birdwell, president and CEO of Aramark Sports + Entertainment, said in the announcement. “We’re expanding frictionless ordering capabilities across all venues to make various dining touchpoints on gameday more efficient, and we’re bringing culinary star power to in-arena restaurants and concession stands with notable chef partnerships and trending menu creations that are full of flavor and make a statement.”

Self-order technology

AI self-checkout: Grab-and-go service models paired with near-contactless checkout devices will quickly get fans back to the game. These technologies will be offered in a new Drink Mkt at Capital One Arena (Section 106) as well as Canadian Tire Centre’s multiple Drink Mkt and Walk Thru Bru locations, which will roll out portable versions of the concept along with a dedicated walk-in store – marking the first implementation of this AI-powered checkout technology in Canada.

AT&T Center will also feature AI self-checkout capabilities with self-dispensing popcorn machines selling Spurs Pop: Fiesta-Inspired Kettle Corn, in two arena locations.

Autonomous market: The Drink Mkt brand will expand with two additional locations at Capital One Arena that offer autonomous, checkout-free technology (Section 108, 116).

Digital age verification: Spurs fans at AT&T Center will be able to order cocktails via automated cocktail bars using facial recognition technology once registered with a valid government-issued ID. (Section 115)

Mobile ordering: The convenient ability to order and pay for food, beverage, and merchandise using a mobile device continues to be a key factor in enhancing fans’ dining experience on game day. This season, Wells Fargo Center will implement Club Level mobile ordering with delivery to all seats. PPG Paints Arena will launch a new offering from its dual-chamber, temperature-controlled food lockers located at the Ford Food Garage in Section 115 with MoBowl, a gluten-free, customizable rice bowls concept.

Self-order kiosks: Touch-to-order kiosks empower guests to customize their checkout interactions and increase autonomy and speed of service. Fans at AT&T Center will see a second Fan Favs Express concept (Section 126), but this time with self-checkout kiosks. Capital One Arena will also expand kiosk ordering with two Hall of Favs locations (Sections 106, 417) that feature popular concessions brands, and fans on Wells Fargo Center’s new Club Level will have the ability to order from kiosks with food delivery to their seats.

Introducing Eat Your Feed

Eat Your Feed (#EatYourFeed) is Aramark Sports + Entertainment’s latest signature menu program that will get fans and foodies talking. The seven featured menu items gained popularity on social media with trending videos this year, and Eat Your Feed gives fans the opportunity to taste these viral dishes at their next arena event. These include:

BBQ Sundae (Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse): Choice of BBQ chicken or pork layered with mac and cheese and topped with coleslaw, shredded cheddar, and jalapeños. (Section 121)

CHEETOS ‘n’ Waffle (Wells Fargo Center): CHEETOS FLAMIN’ HOT breaded chicken tenders wrapped in a buttermilk bubble waffle and topped with buttermilk ranch dressing. (Section 107)

Four Corners Quesadilla (PPG Paints Arena): Flour tortilla filled with diced flank steak, lettuce, diced tomatoes, sour cream, guacamole, nacho cheese, and mozzarella cheese. (Sections 212 and 218)

Meatball Cone (SAP Center): Italian-style meatballs in marinara sauce with crushed red pepper and mozzarella cheese served in a waffle cone. (Club Level, Section 117)

Ottawa Senators 30th Anniversary Poutine (Canadian Tire Centre): Russet potatoes topped with gluten-free poutine gravy, St-Albert cheese curds, CHEETOS FLAMIN’ HOT, and queso. (Section 224)

Peach Cobbler Tacos (Capital One Arena): Flour tortilla filled with house-made peach cobbler, cinnamon sugar, and flaky dough crumbs. (Section 408)

Ranch Pickles (AT&T Center): Crisp pickle spears soaked in ranch marinade. (Section 105)

New concessions and restaurant concepts

Fans who attend games at AT&T Center (San Antonio Spurs), Canadian Tire Centre (Ottawa Senators), Capital One Arena (Washington Capitals/Washington Wizards), PPG Paints Arena (Pittsburgh Penguins), Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse (Cleveland Cavaliers), SAP Center (San Jose Sharks), and Wells Fargo Center (Philadelphia Flyers/76ers) will get to a taste of new gameday treats and local chef and restaurant collaborations.

Featured local restaurant concepts:

  • ABVE the Basics (SAP Center)
  • Bun Papa (Capital One Arena)
  • Caliente Pizza & Drafthouse (PPG Paints Arena)
  • Chiko (Capital One Arena)
  • Federalist Pig (Capital One Arena):
  • Izzy’s Cheesesteaks (SAP Center)
  • Paleta POPS! (AT&T Center)
  • PANA (SAP Center)
  • Swizzler (Capital One Arena)
  • Takorean (Capital One Arena)

Gameday signatures

  • Barbacoa Hot Dog (AT&T Center)
  • Cheesesteak Pierogies (PPG Paints Arena)
  • Flour Meatball Sandwich (Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse)
  • Mac n’ CHEETOS Burger (SAP Center)

Plant-forward options

  • Boosted Bowls (AT&T Center): Offering Mediterranean grain bowls, Caesar salad cups, garden salad shakers, açai jars, dragon fruit jars, and more. (Section 112)
  • Koncious Kuisine (Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse): New in Cleveland, Koncious Kuisine specializes in 100% vegan and plant-based cuisine that feeds the body and spirit and is deep in flavor. Cavaliers fans will get to choose from a BBQ Chik’n Wrap, Chik’n Bac’n Ranch Wrap, BLT Wrap, or vegan Caesar salad. (Section 117)
  • Za’atar Cauliflower Cheesesteak (Wells Fargo Center): Za’atar spiced cauliflower steak topped with caramelized and harissa cheese wiz. (Section 110)

Specialty cocktails and souvenir cups

  • AT&T Center Souvenir Cup Collections
  • Capital One Arena Souvenir Cup Collections
  • “Le Magnifique Mule” (PPG Paints Arena)
  • Sharkarita (SAP Center)


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