Shekel Brainweigh partners with Parlevel to market its ‘hubz’ smart cooler

Jan. 22, 2021

New for the micro market space is “hubz,” a line of smart unattended coolers that can help operators sell any product, anywhere and anytime – and securely. The novel smart coolers are expected to ship in the first quarter of this year.

The hubz cooler is made by Shekel Brainweigh Ltd., a provider of weighing technology, which is partnering with software provider Parlevel Systems and commercial refrigeration specialist Imbera to market the innovation. Shekel Brainweigh’s agreement with Parlevel and Imbera is nonexclusive and for a period of five years.

San Antonio, Texas-based Parlevel describes hubz as a smart, unattended retail point-of-sale cooler that empowers operators to maximize product offerings in a wide variety of locations. It can only be opened when a customer presents a payment method. The product has been awarded Intel Market Ready Solution recognition as part of microprocessor maker’s IoT Solutions Alliance.

Shekel’s Product Aware Technology – built with IoT load sensors, advanced machine learning algorithms and powerful management tools – is what makes the hubz solution truly smart. It detects exactly which product customers select and accurately charges them as they close the cooler.

While the hubz cooler is open, customers can easily browse products, select multiple products, and put back previously selected SKUs. Customers are informed of their selections in real time on an interactive touchscreen, charged the corresponding amount and provided with a detailed receipt. The cooler supports a wide range of products.

Additionally, businesses can manage hubz hardware side-by-side with traditional vending machines, micro markets and office coffee assets.

“The hubz cooler is an excellent point of sale for any company trying to expand their business to reach new customers in new locations” said Parlevel chief executive Luis P Gonzalez. “The product is easy to use, easy to maintain and incredibly customer friendly. The hubz cooler balances high tech with easy accessibility at a price point that makes the business proposition very attractive to many different organizations.”

The partners behind hubz said they will continue adding “smart” points of sale to the micro market cooler line, including a cabinet and shelving, along with hybrid POS solutions. They added that the hubz line is designed to lower the entry and cost barriers into the unattended retail space.

Udi Wiesner, general manager of the Retail Innovation Division at Shekel Brainweigh, boasted that Product Aware Technology provides “unprecedented accurate product recognition, enabling real time frictionless shopping experience and encouraging a flexible variety of product mix. The hubz cooler combines the best of breed functionalities of intelligent vending and micro markets, helping operators to provide the ultimate customer experience with major contribution to their operational excellence.”


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