Shekel Brainweigh Innovendi Autonomous Micro Market Solution Integrates with Nayax Payment Systems

Sept. 11, 2020

Shekel Brainweigh, a growing provider of autonomous micro market solutions, has adopted Nayax as a standard payment method.  

TEL-AVIV, Israel, Sept. 9, 2020 Shekel Brainweigh Ltd. (ASX: SBW), the leader in advanced weighing technology, announces it has integrated Nayax payment solutions as a standard payment method for its Innovendi machines. Innovendi is an unattended automated locked micro market cooler equipped with smart shelves, providing a full autonomous solution for reliable self-service of products. Shekel Brainweigh reported recently a significant growth in the sales of Innovendi following recent enhancements in Shekel Brainweigh’s technology and today’s market demand for micro markets. It has been recognized recently that there is a significant growth in demand for micro markets to better support the call for healthier food, ready meals and specialty drinks, which are not currently well supported in traditional vending machines. Innovendi is currently integrated with Nayax’s VPOS touch complete payment solution enabling new markets for Innovendi and letting operators enjoy fast time to market using a standard global payment solution.

“With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to spike around the globe, there is significant growth in demand for our Innovendi micro market,” said Udi Wiesner, General Manager of Shekel Retail Innovation Division. “Moreover, we have opportunities in new territories, and expectations for fast deployment. Payment systems integration is always a challenge and requires localization efforts. Integrating Nayax’s global payment solutions gives us a competitive edge going forward, and the opportunity to deploy and activate our Innovendi seamlessly, securely and in short time in many countries around the globe.”

“We have long viewed the micro market segment as a great opportunity, with tremendous potential for growth”, said Yair Nechmad, Nayax, CEO. “Partnering with Shekel Brainweigh to provide a complete cashless payment solution with added consumer engagement capabilities will allow Innovendi’s autonomous closed Micro Market solution to address new segments of the market. We’re proud to partner with them in this exciting time of growth in the Micro Market sector and we look forward to sharing with them in a sustained period of success.

About Shekel Brainweigh

Shekel Ltd. is a well-established technology market leader revolutionizing the retail industry for more than 40 years. The company combined physics, electronics and software expertise to develop digital scale technology. This technology, first implemented into self-checkout (SCO) systems by our retail partners, gave Shekel the reputation as an innovator for solutions to the global retail market. Following the last years of disruption in the retail market, the company has reinvented itself embracing the newest technologies of IoT and data analytics to enhance and enlarge its offering to the retail market, enabling retailers to adapt to the dramatic changes taking place. To learn more about Shekel Brainweigh (ASX:SBW), visit


Nayax offers a complete cashless solution including telemetry, management suite and consumer engagement tools, to unattended retail and self-serve markets. Nayax’s features help operators improve their day-to-day operations and long-term planning, while their marketing tools assist operators in transforming unattended machines into 24/7 retail stores with consumer engagement and IoT activities. As a global company, Nayax’s goal is to provide all payment methods in each region, ensuring consumers can pay with their preferred payment method, wherever they are located. Visit for more information.


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