Repositioning for the future, Fixturelite is seen as a total solution provider

April 4, 2022

Unattended retail is rapidly evolving, showing up and serving many different types of locations and venues beyond the traditional workplace. Fixturelite continues to provide expert advice and consolidate products and services for their customers that help them win new business or retain the business they have as consumer needs change.

More than a fixture seller

“This approach has not just occurred overnight,” said Troy Geis, co-founder of Fixturelite, the industry’s leading supplier of micro market retail displays, equipment and design tools. “We have been far more than a fixture seller for years and our clients know that.” Fixturelite leadership has more than twenty years experience as operators in the vending, micro market, pantry and office coffee business.

Some areas of expertise include:

  • The workplace
  • Multi family, mixed use residential
  • Cafeteria conversions
  • Healthcare
  • Federal, state and county buildings
  • Correctional institutions
  • Airports
  • Manufacturing facilities

Primary turnkey solutions, inventoried and ready to ship

Visitors to the Fixturelite website will see three very different types of inventoried, ready to ship, solutions; Pop-up, convenience retail and micro markets.

  1. Pop-up markets are meant for a quick, easy, get it up and running solution. When the client says: “We have 70 employees who are in the office for six months before we expand,” a Pop-up market is just right. Additionally, Pop-up markets are engineered to replace vending machines that have had their home in a built-in niche or where a drop ceiling or soffit exist.
  2. The convenience retailing collection will focus on converting cafeterias into cafes, gift shops or conventional markets in hospitality, hospitals, residential, commercial property and transportation hubs, into a type of solution that truly works for them.
  3. A full micro market remains a long-term solution. Accommodating employees in a classic workplace type setting, a large manufacturing facility or a distribution center, with 250 plus employees.

Fixturelite focuses on one important question when someone reaches out to their design professionals, "What type of primary solution are you looking for that best serves your customer?" Once identified, either Pop-up, micro-market or convenience retail, Fixturelite can then recommend multiple specific options associated with each primary solution category.

Restaurant menu analogy

“If you think of it as a restaurant menu, the entrée is the primary solution and there are numerous “side dishes” available that compliment that entrée,” said Steve Orlando, Geis’s business partner. “Whether we are talking about solutions we manufacture in house or products and services via our trusted partners, we have positioned Fixturelite to be a one stop shop, a total solution provider, one place to go for everything related to unattended retail.”

Choose your sides

“Side Dish” Solutions can include:

  • In-person consulting
  • Design services
  • Coolers
  • Freezers
  • Specialized lighting
  • Signage
  • Market security
  • Food warming devices and commercial kitchen equipment
  • Connection to Steve Closser at Translucent (Installation, set up and guidance)
  • An operator to service a location (“Operators Wanted”)

Easy navigation solves the puzzle

“We recognize that unattended retail is moving in so many directions right now. As a result, the solution puzzle has a lot more pieces to choose from,” Geis said. “While that is great news for the client, it isn’t always easy for either the end user or operator to understand the possibilities and opportunities to create a tremendous space. Our overall approach is designed to help clients easily navigate their way to an ideal unattended retail venue – with all solutions pointing to Fixturelite.”

Navigate the future with us at the 2022 NAMA Show in booth No. 406.

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