The 365 Dream Market is open for business

July 28, 2021

Like many companies in America, employees are returning to the new 365 Retail Markets facility at an increasing pace. Those who have returned are pretty impressed and spreading the word about the new office and their incredible new micro market.

Fixturelite provided the design and fixtures for 365's new showcase micro market, which offers a good reason for employees to abandon their work-at-home routine.

A true showcase

"The micro market we had before wasn't a showpiece, and that was one of the goals with the remodel, "said Mollie Krupp, director of people and careers for 365 Retail Markets. "Now, it's the center of our building. Everyone wants to flock there. There is just a lot of cool space in the area that you can explore as you get your snacks and beverages, but the new market also gives everyone a chance to see our products in action. It is a true showcase."

"There are so many different options that allow people to sit in places that aren't necessarily their desks. We have the coffee bar, the high tops, a tall community table with charging stations, and several other places to gather in the breakroom area. There are comfortable soft seating spaces as well. It's a welcoming space for people to come together and have a snack, enjoy a meal or conduct an informal meeting," she said.

Mission accomplished

The Fixturelite team understood the objectives for this micro market from the beginning. "The goal was to create a neutral space that allowed 365's customers to envision what they could build in their own space. We created seven different destinations in the new lounge where their employees and visitors could experience and achieve a higher level of understanding around 365's technology solutions," said Steve Orlando, cofounder of Fixturelite, the industry's leading supplier of micro market retail displays, equipment and design tools.

 "We focused on creating a space that was multifunctional and would lend itself to company meetings, film and video shoots, marketing and training sessions, and serve as an amenity for their employees. At every turn, redesign or change to the project, with multiple objectives in mind, we had to ask ourselves, does this idea continue to meet the project parameters and goals of the customer?" he added.

The traffic flow of the showcase market was a significant consideration, and from all early indications, the design has led to a smooth experience for end-users. "The reaction has been very positive. Just looking at the market, it all makes sense; it flows so well," said Madalyn Bommarito, creative manager at 365 Retail Markets. 

Putting the Fixturelite Design Tool to work

One of the reasons the market flows so well is because of the collaborative design effort between Fixturelite and the 365 Team, driven by the popular Fixturelite Design Tool. "We enjoyed using the design tool," said Madalyn. "We loved the fact that we could be so involved with the process."

A beautiful coffee bar

"Whenever we have an opportunity to incorporate a story into a project, we don't think twice about it. Since 365 is based in Michigan, I pitched the idea of incorporating barnwood from Frankenmuth as the countertop for their coffee bar," Orlando said. "It's a custom piece that grabs people's attention, creates conversation, tells a story, and repurposes a piece of Michigan history. People remember the story and tell it to others. That incorporates 365 back into the conversation well beyond any client meeting." 

Quick installation

Orlando made two trips to Michigan for this project. He adds, "Much of the installation credit goes to Steve and Patty Closser of Translucent LLC. They always make it seem effortless, and they're a tremendous partner to have," said Orlando.

Passion for retail design

"I am the first to admit that at Fixturelite, we are very passionate about design that centers around retail principles. We are always happy to see a project end up as successful as the 365 market," Orlando said. "The fact is, we are motivated and driven by every project that we do – by every market we sell, and we have installed 7,000 markets since we started."

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[Credit: Fixturelite]
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