Strategic Partnership – A “Dream Team” for Operators

Oct. 28, 2020

As a business development consultant, I stress the importance of partnerships as a key organic strategy. A strategic partner is someone who wants you to succeed, because your success can be their success.  It is a give and take relationship, the essence of great networking and cooperation.

It is rare to see a strategic partnership work as effectively as the one that has emerged between Fixturelite, 365 Retail Markets, Minus Forty and Translucent. For operators who choose this micro market “dream team,” success is just about guaranteed.

“In many cases, operators are coming to us and looking to use all four companies to ensure that their project is a success. Operators recognize that as a group, our four-company team is the best choice – for operators large and small,” said Troy Geis, an experienced operator of ten years who co-founded Fixturelite, the leading supplier of micro market retail displays, equipment and design tools.

“It is a natural progression over time that certain suppliers are going to get together and create a strategic partnership that really works. It is a good situation when it happens, but it doesn't always work.  In this case, we have four companies enhancing each other’s performance, referring each other, working together and ultimately, helping operators succeed,” he added.

Fixturelite – “Rises to the occasion every time”

“It’s not like we signed an official, exclusive agreement with each other, that’s for sure. The relationship has just evolved naturally over time,” said Ed Chapel, Chief Revenue Officer at 365 Retail Markets, a micro market technology leader. “We have found Fixturelite to be very creative and it is great to have a partner out there who understands the space, especially since they are former operators themselves. The Fixturelite team finds creative solutions for operators to solve client problems. Fixturelite rises to the occasion every time.”

“Fixturelite is only getting better as time goes on, “said Steve Closser, Co-Founder of Translucent, the industry’s leading micro market consultant. “Their new Collections are “extremely creative,” pointing to new colors, new trims and new design ideas.  “We haven’t seen anyone doing anything like this,” he added. “They have taken the best quality retail merchandising features from their highest end product -but they found a way to maintain quality and keep it affordable.”

“Not only is their product the best on the market, nobody provides the kind of design support that Fixturelite gives to their operators,” he added.

365 Retail Markets – “The technology leader”

“Obviously, we can’t offer everything ourselves and it’s great to be able to focus on the technology while Fixturelite, Minus Forty and Translucent take care of the rest,” said Chapel.

“With their ongoing innovation, like the PicoCooler, 365 is the technology leader in the micro market industry, there is no question about that,” said Closser. “We are proud to support their technology at installations.”

“If the technology isn’t right, the whole project is in jeopardy,” said Steve Orlando, Fixturelite’s co-founder. “When 365 is involved, you can count on reliable performance and support from the technology side. Their “Connected Campus” approach meets every possible need a project may require and ties everything together.”

“One of the best aspects of this partnership is that we stay out of each other’s way and we look out for each other,” added Closser. “We are like four legs on a chair. It takes all four to make it work.”

Minus Forty – “Best of breed”

Troy Geis cannot say enough about the quality of Minus Forty’s refrigeration equipment. “If an operator wants to use the best, from a design and reliability standpoint, Minus Forty is the right equipment to choose,” said Geis.

“Minus Forty is absolutely the best of breed when it comes to refrigeration equipment. Quality, reliability and service. Their equipment performs,” he added.

“I don’t call Minus Forty too often about a cooler related issue, but on the few occasions that I have, they always answer the phone and deal with any issue immediately,” said Closser. “But then again, having to call them about an issue is a rarity.” He added that refrigeration and health lock problems are common when other brands are used. “There is no comparison between Minus Forty and their competition,” said Closser.

Translucent – “White Glove Treatment”

“We help operators perform more efficiently, make good equipment choices, streamline operational procedures and choose the right technology – all of which leads to the ultimate goals – success and profitability,” said Closser.

“Translucent offers a white glove approach to installation and consulting that has operators calling on them for some of the biggest projects that are occurring today. They are the glue that puts all of these working parts together successfully and makes everyone, especially the operator, look very good,” said Geis.

“Translucent goes the extra mile for operators, not only from an installation standpoint, but they provide a tremendous amount of technology support. When Translucent is involved, the installation of a micro market is easier for everyone,” added Chapel. “They understand every aspect of the industry – including technology. They help operators make decisions from actionable data. Most importantly, they follow through to evaluate performance and that effects operator ROI,” he added.

A shared commitment

Geis summed up the common thread that makes this strategic partnership work so well for operators. “We are all committed to quality and customer service. We all understand and appreciate the power of collaboration and partnering,” said Geis.

For micro market operators, that is what a “dream team” is all about.

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