A Micro Market Story From the Wild West …

Aug. 27, 2020

Recently, Steve Closser of Translucent, a leading micro market consultant, warned of increased competition coming to the micro market space. “Competition for good locations is going to intensify,” said Closser. “When business gets better and we can see which accounts come back strong, operators will need to be on their game to retain business.”

The story begins under the hot Arizona sun

Mike Purkey of Arizona Fresh Vending knows exactly what Closser is talking about. Arizona Fresh had a critical account they had served for two years. Once the contract came up for renewal, competition was lined up at the door and circling the building — like hungry coyotes in the Arizona desert.

“We had four to five competitors trying for the account and to make matters worse, one competitor was trying to fold my account into a national deal that existed already, which gave the competition some additional leverage,” said Purkey. “I turned to Fixturelite for help with the market.”

Time to saddle up, cowboy

Steve Orlando of Fixturelite put on his white hat, holstered up his six shooter (which would be legal in Arizona) and prepared to give Purkey some cover amid the competitive onslaught. Actually, he sat down with the Fixturelite Design Tool and got to work.

“We do everything we can to support our clients and I know that Mike is an excellent operator, so service was not the issue, just standard competition with the usual enticements,” said Orlando. “I told Mike I was confident we could retain the account by listening and tailoring their wish list with a creative design solution.”

High noon

“Steve came in and gave a presentation that blew the competition away. His design and his plan for the location impressed everyone — most importantly, the client,” said Purkey. “The Fixturelite Design Tool was extremely effective in the presentation.”

When the meeting was over, Orlando tipped his 10-gallon hat, twirled his six shooter in his hand, got on his horse and rode into the sunset. Actually, Orlando put his laptop in his bag and left feeling confident.

Who was that masked man?

“According to the client, we kept the account because of our streamlined and professional design,” said Purkey. “The client also loved the custom signage with location-oriented branding that really made the markets pop.”

Purkey said that he has been doing business with Fixturelite for over three years. “Fixturelite has been a major part of our success. Once again, they exceeded our expectations,” he added.

Do you want Fixturelite on your side? — learn more at www.fixturelite.com

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