10 Important Questions To Ask At The NAMA Show

April 16, 2019

Five years ago, offering specialized design fixtures for micro markets was a novel idea, if it was much of an idea at all. Today, the attitude has changed. Leading operators realize they need fixtures, seating and design features to land quality micro market accounts.

The look and functionality of micro markets is a hot topic. As a result, operators will see plenty of suppliers who have jumped into the “fixture business” to grab whatever market share they can. Amid the circus-like displays of strength and drastic discount offers, Steve Orlando, co-founder of Fixturelite, urges operators to ask 10 important questions before choosing a micro market fixture supplier.

Here are Steve Orlando’s answers to those questions, on behalf of Fixturelite, a leading supplier of micro market retail displays, seating and design features.

1 – Is the company supplying my micro market displays a partner or simply a provider?

Steve: “At Fixturelite, we partner with our customers to help ensure their success. We take into account everything needed to help the operator create a great experience for their customer from start to finish, we even connect operators with clients who consider the market design and functionality to be a critical aspect of the workplace refreshment area. We are serious when we say, “Operators Wanted!” We have had plenty of opportunities in the past and expect to continue that trend into the future.”

2 – Do you really understand the operator’s needs?

Steve: “As a former vending and micro market operator with over ten years of experience, and more than 2,500 markets built and placed, we understand exactly what it takes to succeed. We know operators are facing a variety of challenges – including increasing costs and stepped up competition. With that understanding, we offer design products and solutions that will help operators land the A+ accounts, while keeping their costs under control. We are a company created by operators – for operators.”

3 – Can your materials stand the test of time?

Steve: “Our experience, our performance and our history of success since 2014 speaks volumes. Over 2500 Fixturelite markets installed, without one replacement. Our fixtures, furniture and design features are easy to install, durable, easy to move, highly functional and very pleasing to the eye.”

4 – What is your fundamental thought process when it comes to micro market design?

Steve: “Two things - “Micro markets are a retail environment, not vending. It is essential that solid retail principles be applied. We are National Retail Federation members and our team has the knowledge to help you maximize your sales. Second, but just as important – the client experience. Today, forward thinking companies are seeking a breakroom that will allow their employees to dine, snack, relax, collaborate and recharge.”

5 – Do you have any strategic partners who can help an operator, especially a micro market novice?

Steve: “We are proud to be working closely with exceptional partners, Minus Forty Technologies for refrigeration and Translucent, a micro market consulting firm headed by industry veterans Steve and Patty Closser.

We work closely with Minus Forty Technologies to provide our customers with an exceptional refrigeration solution. A solution which is well engineered, crafted, provided and supported. Minus Forty refrigeration solutions are an important advantage to operators to provide their customers with a superior experience in their micro market.

On a recent project with Arizona Fresh Vending, Fixturelite handled the design and provided the actual fixtures, equipment, furniture and special design features. Translucent did the installation and focused on merchandising, using case studies from their years of micro market experience. Translucent is an excellent resource for operators and we work well together.”

6 – Does your Website offer something more than just an online brochure?

Steve: “Our newly revamped Website (coming in time for the NAMA Show) not only provides tips, tools and design solutions for operators, but allows operators to order standard and stock items for quick ship – 3 to 4-day delivery. We keep inventory on hand because when an operator needs something quickly, Fixturelite delivers.

7 – Do you supply glass door coolers, and furniture?

Steve: “We have a strong relationship with Minus Forty Technologies and we stock their coolers and freezers for quick ship. On the furniture side, we have a long history with some leading manufacturers and can create custom designed furniture in-house, such as Parsons tables with charging stations, when needed.”

8 – Can you help us with security cameras?

Steve: “Fixturelite can offer operators one of the finest security camera solutions on the market and it is getting rave reviews from operators. Most unique features: The camera eliminates the need for a local server (NVR/DVR), and a network connection from your customer which always seems to be an issue.”

9 – What one resource do you have that sets you apart from your competition?

Steve: “That’s easy. The Fixturelite Design Tool, a user-friendly technology platform that allows the operator to create a detailed rendition of what the market space will ultimately look like. This gives our clients a competitive edge and an impressive way to show your customer that you are truly invested in providing an extraordinary workplace refreshment experience.”

10 – What is Fixturelite’s Booth Number at the NAMA Show?

Steve: “Come see Fixturelite at Booth 1461. Las Vegas – April 24 to 26, 2019"