New b2b Perspective Video From Bob Tullio: Aren't You Tired of Cold Calling?

Nov. 4, 2020

Automatic Merchandiser/VendingMarketWatch contributing editor Bob Tullio has just released a new video on his b2b Perspective YouTube Channel. 

“Because cold calling is a miserable experience for sales reps, on the b2b Perspective Channel - we will provide many wonderful alternatives to cold calling," Tullio says. "Example: Developing strategic partnerships. Who are your strategic partners? Today's video explores the two types of strategic partnerships and how to make them work for you. We even reference a very successful strategic partnership in the micro market business that was the topic of a recent article in the latest Micro Market Design Newsletter."

Industry consultant and contributing editor Bob Tullio ( is a content specialist who advises operators in the convenience services industry on how to build a successful business from the ground up. Tullio recently launched a YouTube Channel, b2b Perspective, designed to “elevate your business in 2 minutes” and is currently developing an online course, “Leverage the power of LinkedIn to grow your business.”

As he is a recognized industry expert in business development and sales, NAMA hired him to write and narrate the new online course, “Selling Convenience Services,” which is now available. Use discount code B2B10 for an instant discount and for free access to upcoming Q & A Webinars from Tullio in the coming months. Here is a free sample of the course.


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