AMS Group Appoints Nicolas Abuid As CEO

April 15, 2015

Kearneysville, WVRoger Tovar, President of AMS Group, Inc. has announced the appointment of Nicolas Abuid as the AMS Group’s CEO.  AMS Group is the parent company of Automated Merchandising Systems, Inc. (AMS), a leading manufacturer of automated vending machines.  AMS was founded in 1997 and purchased by the AMS Group in 2014.  Sharon Shull remains as President of AMS.

Nicolas Abuid has, most recently, been the Vice President of U.S. and International Operations for CC1 Companies. He held this position since 2007. Mr. Abuid was responsible for the manufacturing operations, strategy, and business development for Caribbean Bottlers and Tobago, B&C Beverages-St Maarten, Caribbean Distillers, Club Caribe Distillers, and the sales operations in the United States for Century Packing and Puerto Rico Coffee Roasters. He also served as Secretary for the CC1 Companies.

During that time, Mr. Abuid led the Trinidad Operations in the doubling of its size and capacity, thus becoming the largest Coca Cola Bottler in the South Caribbean and one of the fastest growing bottlers in Coca Cola's Latin Center Region. He was also responsible for leading CC1's expansion and growth in the U.S. through the acquisition of Florida Distillers, and expansion of Club Caribe Distillers-Puerto Rico, as well as increasing the sales footprint of the Group's Food and Coffee Division in the United States.

Prior to joining the CC1 Companies, Mr. Abuid worked for Nestle for eighteen years in the U.S. and International Markets, where he held various sales and marketing managerial positions.

He has been a member of the Caribbean Bottlers Association, The President's Forum of the Distilled Spirits Industry, and the Wine and Spirits Association of America. Nicolas Abuid is a graduate of The University of Houston, where he obtained his BBA in Marketing and Management. He currently resides in South Florida with his wife and two children. 


Roger Tovar

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