AMS Announces New Ownership

Aug. 18, 2014

Automated Merchandising Systems (AMS) President Sharon Shull has announced the purchase of the vending machine manufacturing company by AMS Group, Inc., led by  its CEO, Roger Tovar.

Roger was previously the President of a group of beverage companies which included bottling, marketing, and sales of soft drinks, juices, water, and energy drinks as well as numerous other related products. Under Mr. Tovar's leadership the group saw significant growth and financial success which also included a vending operation of approximately seven thousand vending machines.

In a letter to AMS customers, President Shull points out, "Roger Tovar is no stranger to AMS, as he was one of our first customers. In that early relationship, Roger and Roy Steeley, like Roger and I, became friends."

Roger Tovar likewise is pleased to be joining the AMS team. "AMS is a wonderful group of people working on a great and well-respected product.," he said. "Also, may I say what an honor it is to be following in the historic footsteps of Roy Steeley." he said. "Sharon and I hold a common vision to continue the growth of AMS with a goal of staying with Roy Steeley's dream of reliable vending machines at a great value."

Mr. Tovar suggests the often-feared "sweeping clean" of new ownership, will not be an issue at AMS. "In a case like this, where there is such a widely established and admired track record, most of any needed ideas will come from our existing employees." he said. "They're the people who made it great in the first place," he continued. "One of the areas which impresses me is our response-time to customers' changing needs. My promise to our customers is to keep in tact, our record of AMS reliability and to continue having people with whom it is a pleasure to work."

Recent development at AMS have included purchases of new equipment which  greatly enhance production's efficiency and flexibility. One benefit brought about by such changes is the Radius door. The Radius offers a smoother edge and increases the attractiveness of the AMS line. The vending machine manufacturer says it's one of several continuations of "the evolution of Epoch." The new Radius door is available on almost all AMS vendors. Only the AMS vandal-resistant Outsider and the two Gem models are exceptions.