Vending Machine Boardset Works With UP Or UP Squared Boards

May 30, 2018

Aaeon’s “AIOT-MSSP01” is a vending machine boardset powered by a PIC32 MCU that’s optimized to work with the UP or UP Squared SBCs. It offers vending-friendly I/O like MDB, EXE, and DEX, as well as motor controllers and 6x USB ports. 
The AIOT-MSSP01 is an industrial-grade vending machine controller (VMC) solution designed to run 24/7 “without a glitch,” says Aaeon. The boardset is optimized for use with the UP or UP Squared SBCs, but works with standard PCs and “most computer boards on the market.” There’s no mention of OS support for the connected computer, but the UP SBCs support Linux, Android, and Windows. 

The AIOT-MSSP01 comprises two stacked boards. On the bottom is the mainboard with the Microchip PIC32MX795F512L MCU, a COM port, 6x USB 2.0 host ports, and an internal USB connector. 

The upper board handles most of the vending and I/O functions. It supplies I/O typical of vending machines including MDB, DEX, EXE (Protocol A), 1-wire, and 8-bit keypad. Other features include an LCD interface, 2x 16-bit GPIO, 4-channel relay GPIO, 4-channel ADC, and dual 20-pin expansion connectors. 

There’s a 12V/24V motor switch for motors connected via GPIO, DC, and PWM, as well as 5x full bridge and 16x low side motor controls. Up to 160 DC motors can be connected. 

The AIOT-MSSP01 is further equipped with a 24V AC/DC input and 24V analog voltage sense. The boards each measure 150 x 140mm and operate at 0 to 60°C. 


This is not the first UP-related vending machine product produced by Aaeon. Last year, Aaeon and Kii teamed up on a Smart Vending Now platform that combines Aaeon’s Atom-based UP board with Kii’s cloud-based IoT platform for vending machines. Aaeon has also deployed the UP board in its UP-GWS01 gateway, and it used the UP Squared in an UPS-GWS01 gateway. The UP Squared also appeared earlier this year in an AIOT-IP6801gateway. 

Further information 

No pricing or availability information as provided for the AIOT-MSSP01. More information may be found on Aaeon’s AIOT-MSSP01 product page