Cantaloupe Upgrades Seed For Easier, Faster Scheduling

April 24, 2013

Cantaloupe Systems recently announced the release of Easier Seed Scheduling™, a comprehensive upgrade of its flagship dynamic scheduling solution. This release contains big improvements in scheduling efficiency and ease-of-use for new customers and power users alike.

“Easier Seed Scheduling cuts scheduling time by over 50 percent, while also making dynamic scheduling easier to learn and easier to manage,” said Justin Grant, director of product at Cantaloupe Systems,  in a prepared statement. “We spent a lot of time on-site with operators watching schedulers do their jobs and brainstorming with them about how Seed could make scheduling faster and easier. The result is Easier Seed Scheduling: a top-to-bottom upgrade with hundreds of improvements.”

Easier Seed Scheduling includes the following:

  • One-Click Multi-Route Schedule and Prekick Creation and Refresh. Schedulers can now create all schedules in just a few seconds with a single mouse click. Accurate prepicks for all routes can also be created with one click. 
  • Drag-and-Drop Schedule Editor with Visual Depletion Forecasting. Schedules can then be easily customized using simple drag-and-drop and point-and-click operations.
  • Service Desk Integration. Schedulers can now see service tickets assigned to a machine directly from the scheduling page.
  • Integrated Best-Practices Guidance.  Schedulers get real-time guidance to optimize current and future schedules using Cantaloupes advanced algorithms.
  • Real-Time Scheduling Dashboard. Operators now have a single page to view status of past, current, and future schedules, with real-time updating to track progress and easy one-click access to common operations.

Here’s what Cantaloupe Systems’ customers are saying about Easier Seed Scheduling:

  • Easier Seed Scheduling will really save us a lot of time,” said Steve Crosby, director of operations at Treat America in Kansas City, “They found ways to save us 5 seconds here, 20 seconds there. When you add up all those seconds across hundreds of machines, we will have more time for higher-value things like merchandising.”
  • “Technology companies sometimes innovate only enough to sell you a product then they stop,” observed Marc Whitener, president of refreshment solutions in New Orleans, La., “It’s really great to see Cantaloupe bucking that trend; those guys keep their foot on the gas even though they’ve already got the best scheduling solution on the market.”
  • “Today I dynamically schedule over 20 routes every day. That’s over 3,000 machines, every one of which I like to push to maximum efficiency,” said Keith Kosty, ops manager of Imperial Companies in Tulsa, Okla., “Easier Seed Scheduling makes it possible to move faster without worrying that I’ll miss something important. And when I need to customize, it’s faster to do that too.”
  • “We’re a small operator. Our scheduler is also our route manager, merchandiser, and many other things”, said Andy Cleveland, vending manager for Rendezvous Vending in Eureka, Calif. “Easier Seed Scheduling will let our scheduler do a good job even though he now has less time in his day for scheduling. Plus, with the new interface it will be easier to train new schedulers to cover for him.”

Easier Seed Scheduling is available at no additional cost to operators using Seed Pro™ and Seed Enterprise ™. Like the rest of Seed Platform, Easier Seed Scheduling requires no software installation, no on-site server, and no IT hassles.

Easier Seed Scheduling will be available in the May 2013 Seed Platform release, which will start rolling out soon after the NAMA OneShow. 


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