Bottled Water Ban Draws Complaints In Vermont

Aug. 1, 2011

Vermont officials who endorsed a plan to remove bottled water to help environment, save more than $200,000 annually on water purchases and support municipal water systems are scrambling to salvage the plan as workers complain about the quality of tap water, according to The Associated Press.

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Editor’s Insight: Refreshment service operators should copy this article in case they face similar proposals in their own communities.

What sounds good to politicians oftentimes doesn’t go over well with consumers.

There are reasons that bottled water has become a preferred product in recent years. An important reason to many consumers is water quality.

It is understandable that city governments want their constituents to use municipal water. But government officials should also recognize their employees and taxpayers alike should be allowed to choose their water source. 08-01-11 by Elliot Maras