New Website Takes Consumers' Orders For Snacks

April 5, 2011
New Website Takes Consumers' Orders For Snacks

A new Website,, gives snack cravers the ability to create "snackpacks" of any 24 snacks for $24 from a selection of 250-plus, according to NBC. Customers can choose to make a one-time purchase or set up a recurring monthly plan.

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Editor's Insight: This ABC News report introduces this story with the scenario of a vending machine that either isn't working or never has what the consumer wants.

Hopefully, future reports pertaining to vending won't characterize it in this manner.

As for this new online snack ordering business, the Website looks inviting and easy to use. But it's not going to bring any competition to more traditional refreshment services. 04-05-11 Elliot Maras