Big Impact, Small Space

Jan. 1, 2018


A facility in Sterling Heights, MI, wanted more fresh food and beverage options. There were lots of employees onsite, but not much room. The space allotted to refreshment was barely adequate for two vending machines. 


With 200 employees on site, installing a micro market made perfect sense to All Star Services. To fit the space, All Star condensed the market, paying special attention to the products. After the first week, All Star began to optimize the selection and service schedule based on the sales data. Most importantly, they adjusted the fresh food, which is two shelves of the double door cooler, with the rest of the space being devoted to refrigerated snacks and beverages. Now the location can enjoy the enhanced offerings of a micro market, within the existing footprint, and All Star was able to make a big enhancement to a small breakroom. 


Location: Sterling Heights, MI

Industry: Printing

Number of employees: 200

Challenge: Small breakroom area available

Solution: Combo food and beverage cooler with heavily analysis of food usage to optimize products and service schedule.

Micro Market supplier: 365 Retail Markets 

Servicing the location:All Star Services, based in Port Huron, MI