Keep Workers On Site

Aug. 1, 2017

Before: Alco Manufacturing facility in Machesney Park, IL, wanted to offer all Alco employees the foods and products commonly found in a convenience store right in its break room.

After: Serenity Vending decided that instead of placing traditional vending machines at Alco, which wouldn't be able to offer the products normally seen in convenience stores, it would launch its first micro market. It shopped displays at a used retail provider and printed its logo on high-quality stickers that could be used to cover the old logos. It sought out products specific to convenience stores that would not fit or sell in vending and stocked the location. Now it is able to capture food, snack and beverage sales as well as provide employees a fast and simple solution right in their workplace.  

  • Location: Alco Manufacturing, Machesney Park, IL 
  • Percentage of non-vending items: X%
  • Micro Market Supplier: Three Square Market
  • Servicing the location: Serenity Vending