Seaga Manufacturing releases new snack-and-drink combo vending machine

March 8, 2024 announced the Quick Break QB4000 combo merchandiser from Seaga, offering both snacks and drinks in a space-saving design., a leading provider of vending solutions, announced the latest innovation from Seaga Manufacturing, the Quick Break QB4000 Combo Snack and Drink Vending machine, a versatile and efficient choice for businesses of all sizes.

The QB4000 boasts a robust design that can handle any location, from busy streets to quiet offices. Additionally, it's energy-saving and features a user-friendly interface for quick and easy transactions. It accommodates a wide variety of products, making it the ideal solution for businesses seeking a reliable and high-performing vending machine.

Spencer Williams, the president at, said in the announcement: “Customers crave convenience, and snack and drink combo machines are our top sellers for that reason. The QB4000 perfectly fits this market, offering a winning combination of variety and space-saving design.”

Key features

Compact design, big impact: The QB4000 fits seamlessly into tight spaces like laundromats, hotels and gas stations, offering both snacks and drinks in a sleek, space-saving design (requiring just over 6 square feet). Its versatility caters to various business needs without compromising functionality.

Advanced features, easy-to-use: The QB4000 boasts a range of features, including programmable settings, individual pricing, sales reports and energy-saving modes. The user-friendly keypad, display and quiet operation make it ideal for offices. Additionally, it allows for multiple design options and accommodates healthy options, adapting to diverse preferences.

Seamless user experience: The QB4000 prioritizes user experience with hassle-free payments, a live product display, and anti-theft design. All-metal, easy-to-load trays make it practical and simple to maintain.

Sustainable and compliant: The QB4000 uses an environmentally friendly and cost-effective R290 refrigeration system. It also adheres to health and safety regulations and offers MDB and DEX compatibility, guaranteeing reliability and safety for both businesses and users. Its modular construction further emphasizes its commitment to sustainability through easier maintenance.