PayComplete launches new range of retail cash management devices

Feb. 28, 2023
The new SPS range automates cash management, is customizable, versatile and compact, designed to work in a range of retail environments from high-street retailers, QSR and grocery to hospitality, leisure and travel brands.

Cash management platform PayComplete launched a new range of integrated front-end cash recyclers and smart safes – as retailers worldwide continue to adopt self-service and payment automation technologies and seek to reduce the costs associated with manual back-office cash management.

The new range is customizable, versatile and compact: designed to work in a broad range of retail environments from high-street retailers, QSR and grocery to hospitality, leisure and travel brands.

Compact enough to fit under a standard shop counter, the devices also have unique fully customizable facias that can support third-party advertising or carry in-store branding.

They allow consumers to pay with cash as payment or part-payment when integrated into checkouts, free up staff from handling cash, and streamline both cashier service and back-office cash management by removing manual cash handling from the process.

The SPS 50N and SPS 100N are note-recyclers of differing capacities, while the SPS 50C is designed for coins. Complementing the SPS range is the SDS-300, a Compact Smart Safe that can be situated under-counter at the retail front end or used as a small back-office safe.

With sealed bag technology and Connect embedded, a retailer can see real-time values across an estate of cash recyclers and smart safes. Where available in regions with PayComplete’s existing CIT (Cash In Transit) connectivity, retailers can benefit from provisional credit – freeing up more cash more quickly.

Simon James, global co-president, PayComplete, said in the announcement: “All retailers worldwide, small, medium and large, want to reduce the cost of cash and improve the customer experience. Our technology makes this possible. By automating cash acceptance in the checkout process, retailers reduce the risk of losses through leakage and error, free up staff time to focus on customer service, and can affordably enable cash payments at self-service checkouts. Like all our devices, this new range comes embedded with our proprietary cloud-hosted IoT platform Connect, giving retailers real-time visibility of cash positions across the business, through a single screen, from anywhere in the world. Finally, the uniquely customisable and compact design is elegant and discreet - giving retailers the flexibility to house the devices inconspicuously under counters or use the patented fascia design to open up new revenue streams through targeted retail advertising.”


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