Kadeya receives pre-seed funding from Evergreen Climate Innovations

Dec. 16, 2022
Kadeya is a closed-loop beverage vending system. The stations vend fresh, safe beverages, and when finished, the bottle is returned to any station, which washes, sanitizes, inspects and refills it for future users.

Evergreen Climate Innovations announced its investment in sustainable hydration solution provider Kadeya, based in Chicago.

Kadeya manufactures an autonomous, self-serving beverage station that allows a user to scan a personalized code to receive a sanitized and freshly filled bottle of filtered still or sparkling water. The station accepts empty bottles once a user is finished and conducts a four-step sanitizing process before bottles are refilled. 

Kadeya, a Chicago-based startup and founded by CEO Manuela Zoninsein, is seeking to replace unsustainable single-use plastic water bottles. Kadeya eliminates the need for disposable packaging through its network of smart bottling stations and reusable, digitally identifiable bottles. By delivering convenient, quality, low-cost water through an interlinked circular network, materials are infinitely reused, significantly reducing the associated carbon footprint.

Kadeya will use the funding to make several soon-to-be-announced strategic hires and invest in R&D to support the use of stainless-steel bottles in their station network. Kadeya is also now taking orders for pre-sales of their production units.

This investment is made possible by the Illinois Clean Energy Innovation Fund. Evergreen Climate Innovations manages the Illinois Clean Energy Innovation Fund, which is funded by the U.S. Department of Energy State Energy Program and overseen by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Energy.