Vendors Exchange® Adds New CURVE™ Doors To Their Line-Up Of Value-Driven Vending Machine Upgrades

Dec. 14, 2017

The CURVE door is a new retrofit door introduced in late 2016 by Vendors Exchange, as a way to upgrade existing vending equipment at a fraction of the cost of new equipment. 

Cleveland, OH – December 13, 2017 – Upgrading your vending equipment is easy with Vendors Exchange (VE®), a leading re-manufacturer out of Cleveland, Ohio. VE refurbishes older vending machines and converts them to today’s vending standards. 

The CURVE door, was launched in late 2016 with the AP 113 and AP 7000 models. Due to is overwhelming popularity and demand, VE has expanded the line-up to include doors for 4 and 5-wide National vending models and 4-wide AP models. Just like the REVISION™ door from VE, the CURVE comes equipped with the UCB™ (Universal Control Board). The UCB makes your machine smarter, letting you feature cashless payment options, touchscreens, and remote price changes. CURVE also features energy-efficient LED lighting both inside and around the sleek curved accent trim that surrounds the glass. A new ADA compliant bucket is included with every door, and lights up after each vend signifying that the product has been dispensed. Additional features such as custom graphics and optional touchscreens provide greater draw for higher traffic – especially good for university and hospital locations. 

CURVE doors are available for both 4-wide and 5-wide vending machine upgrades and include the following models: AP 6000/7000, AP 112, AP 113, AP 123, National 148/158/168, and National 157/167. For more information about the CURVE or REVISION Door upgrades visit our website at 

About Vendors Exchange 

Vendors Exchange is the market leader in high quality, value-based solutions for the vending industry, ranging from remanufactured vending equipment to replacement parts, graphics to electronic repair. Through a culture of innovation, they continue to introduce breakthrough advances such as the Revision® Door, Curve™ and UCB™. For more information about Vendors Exchange, please visit