Magliner Heavy-Duty Aluminum Appliance Truck

Sept. 22, 2017

Standish, MI -- Magline, Inc. manufacturer of innovative material handling equipment, has launched an aluminum heavy-duty Appliance Truck. While lighter than its steel equivalents, the Magliner Appliance Truck moves heavy, oversized loads more safely and easily.  

The Appliance Truck features a 4th wheel attachment to support loads up to 800 pounds in an incline position.  This attachment is easily deployed and folded using an innovative handle release, allowing the user to keep both hands securely on the truck at all times. The truck offers an increased capacity in the two-wheel position of 600 Lbs. 

The Appliance Truck also features a patent-pending break back bar which prevents the truck from rolling when breaking back or putting an item in place, which promotes ergonomic posture that reduces muscle strain. 

The heavy-duty truck was designed with the same modularity as Magline’s popular two-wheeled hand trucks.  With various handle, nose and wheel options to choose from, users can customize a unit suitable for their material handling needs.  Optional accessories include stair crawlers for navigating stairs and curbs; wings that add an additional 6” of load support; and a self-retracting ratchet strap to secure a load.  While referred to as an appliance truck, the heavy-duty truck works in a multitude of applications where large, heavy and over-sized items need to be moved. 

Andrea Horner, Magline’s Vice President of Marketing stated, “The launch of the Appliance Truck is a great addition to our product portfolio.  The uniquely designed features like the break back bar, demonstrates our on-going commitment to help companies move product safely and ergonomically.” 

To see the Appliance Truck in action, go to:   

Magline will be exhibiting the heavy-duty truck along with other innovative products at the 2017 Distributions Solutions Conference in October, booth #151.  

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