North Carolina Woman Charged In Vending Machine Fire

Oct. 11, 2012

A New Bern, N.C. woman was charged with setting a soda machine on fire after not receiving her soft drink, according to the Sun Journal.  She was caught on surveillance video and has been charged with two felonies. Full article.



Vending Burglars Plague Madison, Wis.

Jan. 23, 2012
The Madison, Wis. police department has taken 7 separate reports of thefts from vending machines since the first of the year.

Camden, S.C. Police Seek Vending Thieves Caught On Camera

Nov. 17, 2011
Police in Camden, S.C., are looking for two people suspected of robbing a vending machine at a Holiday Inn Express, according to Fox News in Columbia, S.C. The video has been ...