AVT Launches National Campaign To Raise Awareness Of The Benefits Of Automated Retailing To The American Economy

Oct. 8, 2012

AVT, Inc. has launched a nationwide campaign to raise the awareness of the automated retailing industry and the many benefits it provides to the American economy.

Coinciding with the day of the first presidential debate, AVT's automated retailing awareness campaign aims to show Americans how this important and fast-growing industry can be a key player in the nation's economic growth.

According to AVT, Automated retailing benefits individuals and entrepreneurs by providing them with a low cost way to start their own business. Unlike the past, where it could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to open a business or franchise, now almost anyone can become their own boss and open an automated store. With the hardships and lost jobs in the recent economic downturn, many have found a new beginning by opening their own automated stores. These individuals all have different passions, but are drawn to the concept of automated retailing because it is the fastest and most efficient way to sell products of any type, with only a small investment and no overhead. These new entrepreneurs are creating a secure financial future by selling items as diverse as jewelry, perfume, sunglasses and swimsuits in high traffic areas such as airports, shopping malls, college campuses and hotel lobbies.

"If the last 20 years were about the growth of online shopping, the next 20 will be about the growth of Automated Stores," Shannon Illingworth, chairman and founder of AVT stated, in a prepared statement. "It has the advantages of online shopping, but it is better – because consumers can immediately get what they want, they don't have to pay for shipping, and the prices can be the lowest possible due to the greatly reduced overhead."

AVT's automated retailing campaign will be seen in the Wall Street Journal and other publications, plus online ads on Google, Yahoo and other high-traffic sites.

For more information on AVT, please contact the Investor Relations Department at 877.424.3663 or visit AVT's website at www.autoretail.com.