Everest Ice and Water Systems launches new, efficient ice and water vending machine

Jan. 23, 2024
The new machine, called Summit, offers several technological improvements over previous versions as well as enhanced water filtration.

Everest Ice and Water Systems, a leader in ice and water vending technology, announced the official rollout of its Summit machine. The launch marks a significant advancement in the company’s vending option.

Available for U.S. clients, the Summit machine features enhanced ease of use, aesthetic appeal, and several quality-of-life upgrades compared to previous versions. The vending machine also allows Bluetooth connectivity to a mobile app called ICELINQ, which provides real-time diagnostics and performance monitoring. The Summit has an enhanced powder coating that has been tested over with an over 6,000-hour continuous salt spray. As a result, the coating is highly resistant to weather, corrosion and wear. Capable of producing up to 30,000 gallons with better filtering to ensure higher quality ice and water, the machine includes two new additional access panels for easier maintenance and troubleshooting.

Everest’s proprietary Safe Ice system, which is in all the company’s vending machines, uses ozone to disinfect the system and prevent any viruses, bacteria, mold or mildew. Unlike other cleaning techniques, ozone does not leave residue and is safe for water decontamination and ensures the ice is safe and clean. The machines also are well-insulated to allow them to produce ice in almost any climate. 

Ben Gaskill, Everest VP of sales, said in the announcement, “The Summit machine represents our commitment to provide more efficient and eco-friendly vending options. Its advanced features and user-friendly design ensure a better experience for our clients and for their customers as well.”

Dan Doromal, VP of operations, added in the announcement, “Our focus with the Summit machine has been on reliability and ease of maintenance, especially because many of our clients are solo entrepreneurs who just want to make some passive income.”


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