California-based coffee roaster F. Gaviña & Sons celebrates Earth Day with 1 million packaging recycling milestone

April 18, 2022
Through its partnership with TerraCycle, the company's Don Francisco's Coffee and Café La Llave Espresso brands have diverted over 1 million coffee bags and pods from landfills.

F. Gaviña & Sons Inc., makers of Don Francisco's Coffee and Café La Llave Espresso, announced that just two years into its partnership with international recycling company TerraCycle they have reached a recycling milestone, having diverted over 1 million coffee bags and pods from landfills and more than $25,000 has been raised for charities.

The company's partnership with TerraCycle is part of a zero-waste-to-landfill initiative aimed at providing a free and easy way to recycle Don Francisco's and Café La Llave coffee pods, espresso capsules and bags.

"As a family company, we are committed to great coffee from seed to cup and sustainability plays a big role in that," said Lisette Gaviña Lopez, managing director at F. Gaviña & Sons Inc. "We've operated a zero waste to landfill plant for years and are always innovating to meet the changing needs and preferences of our customers, while looking for new ways to minimize environmental impact - our partnership with TerraCycle is an important part of these efforts."

Through the Coffee Bag and Pod Free Recycling Program, consumers can recycle packaging from two F. Gaviña & Sons Inc. brands, Don Francisco's Coffee and Café La Llave espresso, which includes:

  • Don Francisco's Coffee Single Serve Coffee Pods
  • Don Francisco's Espresso Aluminum Capsules
  • Don Francisco's Whole Bean and Ground Coffee Bags
  • Café La Llave Espresso Style Single Serve Coffee Pods
  • Café La Llave Espresso Aluminum Capsules

To participate, register for the Coffee Bag and Pod Free Recycling Program at, collect your used bags and pods, print prepaid shipping labels, and mail in eligible items directly to TerraCycle for recycling. Once received, the coffee pods, capsule packaging and coffee bags are cleaned and separated by material type for melting and remolding by reprocessing companies that make new products out of the recycled material while the residual coffee is sent to an industrial composting facility. The Coffee Bag and Pod Recycling Program also gives participants the opportunity to donate to select charitable institutions based on points earned for recycling.


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