Coffee Roaster F. Gaviña & Sons, Inc. Partners With TerraCycle To Kick Off Recycling Initiative For Its Flagship Coffee Brands

April 20, 2020

LOS ANGELES, April 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- F. Gaviña & Sons, Inc., makers of Don Francisco's Coffee®, Café La Llave®, and a wide variety of other family-crafted coffees, has teamed up with international recycling company TerraCycle® to offer coffee lovers a free, easy way to recycle Don Francisco's Coffee Family Reserve® and Café La Llave® single serve coffee pods and espresso capsules.

Through the Coffee Pod Recycling Program, the latest eco-friendly initiative from the family-owned company, consumers can now send in their used single serve coffee pods and espresso capsules to be recycled for FREE. Participation is easy: sign up on the TerraCycle program page at and mail in the used pods and capsules using a prepaid shipping label. Once collected, the packaging is cleaned, separated by material type, melted and remolded to make new recycled products while the residual coffee is sent to an industrial composting facility. Additionally, with every shipment sent to TerraCycle through the program, consumers can earn points that can be used for charitable gifts or converted to cash and donated to the non-profit, school or charitable organization of their choice.

"As coffee growers and roasters, my family built our business on a 150-year legacy and passion for coffee that runs deep and spans four generations," said Lisette Gaviña Lopez, Executive Marketing Director at F. Gaviña & Sons, Inc. "Sustainability is at the core of every business decision we make, and as we innovate to meet the changing needs and preferences of our customers, we also look for new ways to minimize environmental impact. Through our partnership with TerraCycle we can now extend our environmental efforts beyond the shelf with a responsible recycling program for our espresso capsule and coffee pod customers."

"At TerraCycle, we understand American's love affair with a great cup of coffee – we share the sentiment," said Tom Szaky, TerraCycle Founder and CEO.  "But through the Coffee Pod Recycling Program, coffee connoisseurs can enjoy their favorite pick-me-up, easily reduce waste, all without sacrificing the enjoyment of their favorite brew."

F. Gaviña & Sons, Inc.'s commitment to sustainability led to the creation of the Direct Impact™ Initiative, which focuses on four pillars: dedication to farmers, sustainable sourcing, environmental sustainability, and social stewardship. Dedicated to smallholder farmers and the land they work upon, Gaviña and partners work towards improving the quality of life and increasing social and economic development in Coffee Belt farming communities. These efforts include technical assistance for Guatemalan farmers to employ sustainable farming techniques while increasing household income, and building a central coffee processing wet mill in Colombia to help local smallholder farmers adapt to climate change while reducing environmental footprint. The company also sources certified coffees from Rainforest Alliance, Fair Trade USA and USDA certified Organic, and roasts all their coffee from their Zero Waste to Landfill plant in Vernon, California.

The Coffee Pod Recycling Program is open to any interested individual, school, office, or community organization. For more information on TerraCycle's recycling program, visit

For more information on Don Francisco's Coffee and Café La Llave brands, including their coffee pods and espresso capsules, follow @DonFranciscos and @cafelallave on Facebook and Instagram or visit For more on parent company F. Gaviña & Sons, Inc. and their sustainability efforts, visit


Established in Vernon, California in 1967, F. Gaviña & Sons, Inc. is one of the largest family-owned coffee companies in America and the nation's largest privately held minority-owned coffee roaster. The family's unmatched coffee experience, as coffee growers and roasters, dates back 150 years to the family's humble beginnings in the rich coffee-bearing soil of Cuba and has paved the way for a strong presence in wholesale and retail accounts across the country. The company makes the highest-quality, family-crafted coffee®, including flagship premium brand Don Francisco's Coffee, as well as its popular Latin-style espresso Café La Llave. The Don Francisco's Coffee Family Reserve line includes a wide array of coffees and roast styles made for a variety of brewing methods, including pods and espresso capsules. The Café La Llave brand, also available in pods and espresso capsules, is a favorite among espresso drinkers who enjoy a dark-roasted and intensely aromatic, rich, strong Latin-style espresso. 

F. Gaviña & Sons, Inc. is currently one of the only coffee companies roasting and packing its Nespresso®-compatible capsules in the U.S. at their Zero Waste to Landfill plant in California.


TerraCycle is an innovative waste management company with a mission to eliminate the idea of waste. Operating nationally across 21 countries, TerraCycle partners with leading consumer product companies, retailers and cities to recycle products and packages, from dirty diapers to cigarette butts, that would otherwise end up being landfilled or incinerated. In addition, TerraCycle works with leading consumer product companies to integrate hard to recycle waste streams, such as ocean plastic, into their products and packaging. Its new division, Loop, is the first shopping system that gives consumers a way to shop for their favorite brands in durable, reusable packaging. TerraCycle has won over 200 awards for sustainability and has donated over $44 million to schools and charities since its founding more than 15 years ago and was named #10 in Fortune magazine's list of 52 companies Changing the World. To learn more about TerraCycle or get involved in its recycling programs, please visit  


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