OCS Update: Bravilor Bonamat’s SEGO 12 accommodates shifting staff and location sizes

July 9, 2021

Founded in 1948 by A.J.M. Verheijen in Amsterdam, Bravilor Bonamat LLC today is a third-generation family-owned business that develops and manufactures coffeemaking equipment at a world-class facility in The Netherlands.

Its products are distributed worldwide through 11 branch offices and distribution sites. In the U.S., from its office in Aurora, IL, Bravilor Bonamat is focused on bean-to-cup solutions that offer unique brewing methods, a low corrective service rate, competitive pricing and quick financial returns to operators.

Editor’s note: As the pandemic winds down and vaccinations become more widespread, Automatic Merchandiser spoke to several  leading commercial coffee equipment manufacturers in the OCS space to glean their predictions on a recovery and to learn how their coffee brewing technology can benefit operators and patrons. This article is the second in a seven-part series.

In looking at new workplace trends, Bravilor Bonamat said the most significant data it has studied show gaps between employees’ desires to maintain a flexible work-at-home lifestyle, and employers’ beliefs that workers need to be in the office – at least for a portion of the week – to maintain a productive corporate culture.

The coffee equipment company leverages data from the National Coffee Association, its customers in Europe and the U.S., and the Small Business Administration.

“These transitions may take time and require OCS operators to provide flexible solutions that are cost effective but still meet the employees’ demand for upscale beverages,” said Arjan de Groot, vice president of Bravilor Bonamat’s North America segment. “Our focus is on value, returns, reliability and aftersales support.”

Bravilor Bonamat’s star whole-bean coffee machine for the new normal is the SEGO 12, which was created for small- to medium-size offices accommodating between 20 and 100 employees.

SEGO is engineered to be an economical solution that can acclimate to changing staffing and location sizes, while meeting the demand for high-quality specialty beverages. De Groot noted that upfront costs of larger bean-to-cup units could impede return on investment in office environments through and following the pandemic.

The reduction in consumption during 2020 has made it a challenge to keep large bean-to-cup units in operation within the original contract and consumption terms.

“This situation has forced sales teams to concentrate on high-head count consumption rates per location, limiting the available opportunities,” De Groot said. “The SEGO fills the gap between cup, pod, pouch and single-cup solutions and larger bean-to-cup machines.”

The SEGO 12 brewer measures 12.32” W. x 17.72” D. x 23.15” H. (35.63” H. when lid is open). It weighs 55 lbs. It supports industry-standard payment systems. Bravilor Bonamat also has a touchless ordering app that uses NFC technology.


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