OCS Update: CPI’s COTI freestanding coffee vending machine is ready for hybrid office crowd, and more

July 6, 2021

Part of industrial giant Crane Co. and based in Malvern, PA, Crane Payment Innovations manufactures payment and unattended retail technologies, including coffee solutions. Offered in freestanding and tabletop formats, its machines brew quality coffee, espresso and tea beverages, with a focus on premium dispensing that demands higher price points for operators and a barista-style experience for customers.

Editor’s note: As the pandemic winds down and vaccinations become more widespread, Automatic Merchandiser spoke to several  leading commercial coffee equipment manufacturers in the OCS space to glean their predictions on a recovery and to learn how their coffee brewing technology can benefit operators and patrons. This article is the first in a seven-part series.

When it comes to a workplace population recovery, CPI vice president of vending Chuck Reed pointed to Global Workplace Analytics, which predicts a “return to new normal workplace density” in the second half of 2021. “Our expectations are consistent with GWA, which sees roughly one-quarter to one-third of the workforce working remotely at any given time,” Reed said.

Reed noted that other statements from larger industry players have also settled on this hybrid work expectation with varying degrees of remote and at-work expectations. “Only 10% of companies surveyed by the independent media organization Reset Work expect a fully remote or at-work environment post pandemic,” he said.

“The hybrid approach to most office returns will force operators to reevaluate how they deploy equipment,” Reed advised. “However, with fewer people in the [at-office] workforce and a greater customer demand for self-service and reduced human interaction, we anticipate there is more room for self-serve OCS products versus traditional cafeteria models that require constant cleaning, refilling, etc. Products that leverage fewer touchpoints and higher capacity will help shift the customer mindset to OCS as a clean, reliable solution.”

Introduced to the U.S. market in late 2020, COTI is CPI’s new freestanding hot beverage machine. It provides both OCS operators and coffee roasters with an elegant customer-focused dispensing solution. Equipped with a 21” HD, full-motion video touchscreen, COTI is optimized for a digital-forward, intuitive user experience that is well suited to earn incremental revenue through digital advertising.

COTI offers a full range of instant (soluble) beverages, along with bean-to-cup fresh-brews and espresso drinks.

CPI’s flagship coffee machine supports over-the-air connectivity, customization of screen visuals and physical graphics, as well as customizable menus and beverage options. CPI’s machines are available with retrofit or 100% integrated payment systems. COTI measures 28” W. x 30.9” D. x 72” H. and weighs 425.5 lbs.

“In a time when consumer demands are rapidly evolving with a focus on self-service and frictionless buying experiences, we believe COTI meets the need of the modern consumer, while providing operators with a reliable machine that demands a higher price point through a premium coffee experience,” Reed said.