Touchless Nespresso Momento coffee machines eye returning office workers

March 23, 2021

Introduced late last year, Nespresso Momento coffee machines with contactless features are reportedly rolling out globally as part of Nestlé SA’s post-COVID recovery strategy to greet people returning to the office.

Touchless Momento machines have been available in France, the UK, Germany, Switzerland and Portugal since October, and global expansion will start in the rest of Europe, in the U.S and Australia,” according to reports.

Nespresso Professional announced the touchless features for the Momento line in October. The enhancement offers a remote-control Web app solution through smartphones for all Nespresso Momento machines.

This enables employees to insert the capsule and then choose their preferred cup size and recipe directly from their phone, without touching the machine for a fully contactless experience.

The original Nespresso Momento range was introduced in June 2019.


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