ALTERRA Coffee Roasters Changes Name To COLECTIVO Coffee

July 31, 2013

Milwaukee, Wis.’s ALTERRA Coffee Roasters Inc. has announced it is renaming itself COLECTIVO™ COFFEE. All cafe, wholesale and retail business which has been known as ALTERRA Coffee Roasters will now be known as COLECTIVO.

ALTERRA® coffee will still be available to offices through the Mars Drinks single-serve system, according to the release, and will continue to be distributed in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Germany, France, Korea and Japan.

Mars Drinks will continue to take the ALTERRA brand global by sharing the exceptional range of ALTERRA Coffees with coffee drinkers across the globe in the office environment. COLECTIVO, the independently owned and operated coffee roaster will continue its business as usual, striking a new path with the new COLECTIVO name.


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