Mars Drinks Launches New Coffee With Cocoa Flavanols

May 31, 2013

Mars Drinks, a business unit of Mars, Inc., announced the release of STEEL HORSE™ Coffee, the first and only office-focused beverage powered by pure, robust coffee and circulation-supporting cocoa flavanols, according to the company. Designed for the office environment, STEEL HORSE™ Coffee will be available exclusively through Mars Drinks single-serve FLAVIA® Freshpacks for use in FLAVIA® brewers.

To encourage productivity in the office, STEEL HORSE™ Coffee was designed to support the demands of mind and body, according to Mars Drinks. STEEL HORSE™ Coffee pairs the boost of coffee, shown to increase mental clarity and alertness, with 150 mg of circulation-supporting cocoa flavanols in every cup.

“We aim to develop products that help support some of the most important elements of a company’s workforce: energy and focus,” said Xavier Unkovic, regional president, Mars Drinks, in a prepared statement. “With this notion, we developed a revolutionary hot drink that did more than a cup of coffee by adding circulation-supporting cocoa flavanols.”

Cocoa flavanols are nature’s most surprising “superfruit,” a unique blend of naturally occurring compounds — phytonutrients — derived from cocoa beans. Studies show these phytonutrients help keep blood vessels healthy and help support a healthy circulation, maintaining the flow of oxygen and nutrients, according to the company.

A leader in cocoa research, Mars, Inc. developed the patented COCOAPRO™ process that extracts cocoa flavanols directly from the cocoa bean and preserves them in the highest concentration available.


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