Elegant, distinctive coffee vending – Opera Touch from Evoca Group

May 9, 2023
As the demand for high-quality coffee vending increases, Evoca North America is determined to fill a void in the U.S. vending market by offering Opera Touch, a coffee vending machine with a brewing system that delivers exceptional espresso-based drinks.

As employers seek to elevate amenities for industrial locations to attract and retain workers, finding high-quality coffee vending is a challenge for operators. The demand is clearly there, as the most recent Automatic Merchandiser State of the Industry Report revealed, with coffee and hot drink vending sales surging in 2021 – up 40%. Evoca North America, a division of the Evoca Group, has just the solution for operators, the new Opera Touch, from the brand Necta, which will be on display at the 2023 NAMA Show.

A Necta creation

“Necta is an Italian company, part of Evoca Group, and a company that specializes in state-of-the-art vending equipment,” said Pascal Ferland, marketing supervisor at Evoca North America. “The brand reputation is excellent thanks to the superior quality, reliability and ease of maintenance of its products. Necta supplies some of the largest European operators.”

Filling a void

Ferland said that Opera Touch is designed to fill a void. “There is a real gap in vending offering the U.S. market right now,” he said. “Yes, there are coffee vending machines out there, but the need is for a vending unit that can brew a very high-quality cup of coffee on top of being reliable and easy to maintain. We have received many requests from operators to provide a solution that delivers quality in a vending machine – Opera Touch is our answer.”

Elevating the vending amenity

“This is a very distinctive and elegant coffee vending machine, so it certainly does a great job of elevating the vending amenity in any location,” Ferland noted. “Most importantly, the Opera Touch is based upon Necta’s popular Krea Touch bean to cup brewer, which makes an exceptional espresso. Opera Touch uses the same patented brewing system and powder based drink system as the Krea Touch, so the result is very satisfying to customers.”

Multiple applications

Because the quality of the machine is so high, Ferland said the high-capacity convenience of Opera Touch has the brewer positioned nicely for a “free vend” set up. “Increasingly, we find that facilities are attracted to the idea of a machine that can live by itself for an increased period of time. Very high reliability with low maintenance, high capacity bean and powder containers and provided sanitary kit to swap parts and clean them later are a few examples of how we strive in that direction,” he said. “Opera Touch will emerge in full vending accounts, subsidized accounts and free play locations, largely due to the level of quality and the current market demand.”

Beyond the workplace

The high-capacity capability of Opera Touch will take the vending unit well beyond the basic workplace location. “Opera Touch is perfect for any standalone application like in an airport terminal, a public lounge in a downtown high rise, a large factory or on hotel floors,” he said. “This machine will deliver for operators in any high-volume location with minimal maintenance required.”

Highly intuitive for users

One of the clear strengths of Opera Touch is the highly intuitive touch screen, which promotes ease of use and customer interest. Key features include:

  • Selection area with wide 13.3” full HD touch screen.
  • Visual drinks menu with large customizable product icons, elegant and user-friendly.
  • Possibility to display product information and spots during selection and preparation phases.
  • Nutritional facts for each selection.
  • Visually promotes the product categories available from the machine and the location itself, such as snacks and fresh food.

Opera Touch at the 2023 NAMA Show

Ferland said his team from Evoca is quite excited about showcasing Opera Touch at the 2023 NAMA Show. “This coffee vending machine offers so much for operators and their customers,” he said. “An elegant look, great-tasting coffee, multiple location applications, low maintenance and high autonomy. Any operator who has a need for coffee vending that can create a competitive advantage needs to stop by booth 747 for a visit.”

For more information about Opera Touch, contact the customer care team at [email protected].


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