Cafection’s Symbol Brewer – an affordable, modular solution

April 25, 2023
Cafection’s newest brewing system is consistent with what the company is all about – innovation, technology and manufacturing long-lasting equipment. Its primary objective is fundamental, and it speaks to OCS operators: Delivering a perfect cup of coffee.

Cafection’s newest brewing system is consistent with what the company is all about. Innovation, technology and manufacturing equipment that will last “forever.” Cafection’s primary objective is fundamental, and it speaks to OCS operators: Delivering nothing less than a perfect cup of coffee. 

Cafection, a brand of Evoca North America, has been a well-known name in the OCS business since 1996. The company has consistently offered innovative bean-to-cup solutions for OCS operators. Its latest offering, the Symbol brewer, which will be on display at the 2023 NAMA Show, exemplifies Cafection’s commitment to being responsive to customer needs.

Plenty of company milestones

Cafection is well known for its Total 1, the Encore 29 and its market-leading, best-selling brewer, the Emblem. Always striving to remain in tune with important industry trends, the company has achieved several noteworthy milestones, including introducing the first touchscreen on a bean-to-cup brewer in 2011. In 2012, another first – a smart coffee machine allowing for remote management of the unit through its Sophia online platform, now in its second generation.

A modular solution

In 2020, the company supported a pressing operator need during the pandemic by introducing a touchless solution. Its new Symbol brewer represents another innovation, offering an affordable modular approach, which can accommodate today’s fluctuating office populations.

“The Symbol is a high-performance brewer that is designed to meet an operator’s exact needs,” said Pascal Ferland, marketing supervisor at Evoca North America. “Because this brewer can handle up to three coffees and two soluble ingredients – the Symbol truly offers flexibility and high performance for a workplace – as it is capable of brewing up to 50 drinks per hour.”

“We recognize that operators want to give their customers the incredible coffee flavor that our machines are known for,” said Maude Fillion, marketing coordinator. “With our modular Symbol brewer, operators can satisfy their clients of any size, with a modestly priced brewer – less money than other bean-to-cup brewers on the market that do not have the quality reputation of our equipment. It is completely flexible. Symbol’s modularity allows operators to configure the machine starting from six drink selections and up to as many as 15.”

From the Designer Series

Ferland notes that Cafection is an industry leader. Its bean-to-cup coffee machines serve around 2 billion fresh cups of coffee per year, and more than 80% of Fortune 500 businesses rely on a Cafection brewer to please their employees every morning. “As an industry leader, operators expect us to continue to provide innovation and value. The Symbol is no exception. A modular solution is exactly what operators need today,” he said. “Symbol also looks great in a breakroom as it is part of the clean and modern look of our Cafection Designer Series,” Ferland added.

Key features of the Symbol brewer

  • Fresh bean-to-cup coffee machine
  • 1 or 2 bean hoppers
  • 1, 2 or 3 bean hopper extensions (2-Bean model only)
  • Optional ground coffee canister (usually for decaf)
  • 1 or 2 soluble canisters
  • Vanilla, hot chocolate, milk or chai
  • 3 cup sizes
  • 3 brew strengths
  • Burr grinder for each bean hopper
  • Platinum brew group (which is why the coffee will taste so great)
  • 10’’ HD touchscreen
  • Cellular connectivity (optional for base-line model)
  • Compatible with MDB payment system
  • ADA compliant ordering
  • Screen customization capabilities, including brew time and screen saver videos

Plug and play

Ferland points out that many bean-to-cup brewers on the market require a great deal of fine-tuning to accommodate the roasts that will be used with the machine. “That is not the case with Symbol or any of our brewers for that matter,” he said. “You can always be confident that when the machine arrives, you plug it in, you make it work, it will brew a good cup of coffee right out of the box. We always configure our units from the factory and make sure that the settings are right for just about any coffee, but of course, we are happy to accommodate special adjustments and fine-tuning when an operator requests it.”

Introductory offer

According to Ferland, Cafection is currently presenting an introductory offer on the Symbol, which brings the starting price of the unit below $3,000. “That is an exceptional price for a Cafection machine, because we create units that are easy to maintain, designed to last, and this is always the focus of Cafection products,” Ferland said. “Every time we design something, we always ask, does this feature make it easier to operate the machine? Can this brewer last forever? Forever is not realistic I know, but that's the mindset about durability that we have.”

Connectivity with Sophia

Using a cellular modem, the Symbol brewer connects with Cafection’s Sophia IT platform – now in its second generation. With real-time monitoring, Sophia gives operators a big route service and maintenance advantage. “How does a brewer simplify things for the operator? It’s a crucial aspect of the business, and it is something that operators should focus on as they evaluate new equipment at the 2023 NAMA Show,” Ferland said. “In today’s labor context, the machine itself is only part of the equation, and operators should be looking at how the manufacturer surrounds its products: Customer support, parts availability, online resources, etc. One thing that is often overlooked is connectivity, but how valuable is it to be able to manage your assets from your office chair like with our Sophia platform? Very valuable.”

To learn more about the Symbol brewer from Cafection, visit them at the 2023 NAMA Show in Atlanta, Booth 747, or contact their customer care team at [email protected].


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