InOne Offers Touchless Vending Powered By Vagabond

May 4, 2020

Washington DC, May 1st, 2020 - In response to customer demand given the current health environment, InOne Technology, industry leader of retrofit vending and self-serve technologies, and Vagabond, a leading technology provider working to modernize the convenience services space, announced the release of the InOne Touchless bundle solution. The solution combines InOne’s OneBoard vending machine upgrade kits with Vagabond’s vīv cashless technology to deliver operators a streamlined way to convert older machines into ones that offer a truly touchless cashless option that requires no physical interaction with the machine, save for retrieving the vending product.

When people return to work, they will be more cautious about how they interact with their workplace environments. More accounts and workplaces have indicated interest in solutions that reduce physical interactions with kiosks and vending equipment. The InOne Touchless bundle provides a simple solution for operators encountering these requests, enabling them to upgrade machines, deliver an improved service, and at the same time provide a solution for their accounts desiring a touchless experience.

Ryan Ostendorf, VP of Product Development at InOne said, “we’re proud to help come up with solutions to problems our customers are facing with a trusted partner like Vagabond. The InOne Touchless kits are the most effective option for operators looking to modernize their machines while delivering accounts with equipment that reduces their anxieties of interacting with those machines. Our kits reduce cost by extending use of trusted machines, enabling fast, in-field retrofits, and making machine service configuration simpler.”

“I think it’s reasonable that accounts are a bit concerned with physical interactions with machines,” stated Juan Jorquera, Chief Marketing Officer at Vagabond. He continued, “both organizations are proud to deliver a made-in-the-USA hardware solution that presents a way to make accounts more comfortable while reducing the cost for operators as much as possible -- not to mention the ability to change vīv prices remotely, charge sales tax, and run product promotions. vīv’s touchless technology and InOne’s retrofit kit accomplishes exactly that.”

The InOne Touchless bundle can be ordered by reaching out to Vagabond is offering a $20 credit to new and existing Vagabond customer accounts for each InOne Touchless bundle ordered by May 31st.

About InOne Technology

InOne Technology, LLC ( is the industry leader of retrofit vending and self-service technologies including cashless, secure remote data collection, single-cup dispenser Roundabout machines, replacement controller boards, and replacement doors. For three decades, InOne has been dedicated to supporting and leading the convenience services industry by engineering innovative products that deliver intuitive solutions for our customers.

About Vagabond

Vagabond ( makes technology that modernizes the vending industry. Its operations, communications and payments technologies serve the convenience services industry -- businesses that provide vending, food service and related provisions to workplaces. Operators use Vagabond's platform for inventory management, product merchandising, service scheduling, truck routing, and financial reconciliation. Vagabond’s IoT network delivers real-time business intelligence to operating teams in the field so they can maximize operating profits. Vagabond’s workplace payments application, called vīv, enables mobile pay at vending machines and convenience markets; order-ahead and delivery at cafeterias and restaurants; and the ordering and fulfillment of office, breakroom and janitorial supplies in the workplace. This comprehensive commerce platform allows Vagabond to provide data-driven services to consumer packaged goods companies enabling promotion of particular products to individuals in real-time depending on their buying habits. Vagabond powers the convenience services industry by maximizing sales through merchandising, minimizing cost through operational efficiency, establishing new revenue streams for operators, and providing consumers a convenient payment experience.


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