Shekel launches new smart cart weighing technology for self-checkout

Jan. 18, 2023
The smart weighing system consists of a security scale and Shekel’s product recognition technology to accurately measure and identify fresh produce and packaged items at high speeds.

Shekel Scales, a leader in advanced weighing technology, launched its smart cart weighing solution, extending its portfolio of market-leading retail technology solutions.

Shekel’s smart cart technology enables a first-of-its-kind frictionless shopping solution to simplify consumer shopping experiences and increase security and legal-for-trade weighing for retailers. The solution weighs both fresh produce and packaged items, satisfying the retail market need for automated product recognition as the foundation for autonomous and frictionless retail. 

Nir Leshem, CEO of Shekel, commented in the announcement: “Shekel’s weighing technology for smart carts truly represents the next technological advancement in the retail smart cart market segment expected to reach upwards of $4.5B by 2027. Our holistic solution for both security and legal-for-trade shopping is capable of recognizing and measuring at high speed and with extreme accuracy, while collecting valuable data to support customers' needs. As a result, retailers save time and money.”

Shekel’s smart cart technology is a flexible and robust frictionless shopping solution that improves the efficiency and security of everyday operations for retailers. The smart weighing system consists of a security scale and Shekel’s product recognition technology to measure and identify fresh produce and packaged items at high speeds with extreme accuracy. These features allow retailers to reduce losses and self-checkout errors, as well as improve the checkout process and the overall shopping experience for customers.

Leshem continued in the announcement: “Shekel’s smart cart weighing solution is facilitating the consumer-driven transition to frictionless 2.0 retail and truly autonomous shopping. As customers shop, Shekel’s smart cart system automatically recognizes and weighs items quickly and accurately when placed in the cart. Shoppers can simply choose their products and walk out the door without needing to wait in long checkout lines.”

The smart cart technology utilizes a plug-and-play configuration to ensure the solution can be mounted on all common shopping cart designs and can be retrofitted to an existing cart in less than one minute by installing the NTEP-approved scale on the built-in cart mechanism. The modular SKU identification capability is based on Shekel’s legal-for-trade scale that leverages the company’s propriety big data and AI algorithms, along with a proven system for learning the distribution of grocery product weights. The solution also captures valuable data that can be analyzed to help retailers satisfy the current needs and anticipate the future demands of consumers. 


[Credit: Shekel Brainweigh]
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