Flybuy and Apex announce strategic partnership to provide digital locker pickup

May 24, 2022
Integrating location technology enables restaurants and retailers to place the order in the locker at the optimal time to maximize food freshness and locker capacity.

Radius Networks and Apex Order Pickup Solutions team up to provide restaurants and retailers with a frictionless locker pickup experience.

Radius Networks is a leading enterprise location technology company, and its Flybuy SaaS platform is leveraged by restaurants, retailers, hospitality and grocers worldwide. Apex is a leading global provider of self-serve automated pickup solutions for use in foodservice, retail and b-to-b ecommerce.

The integration provides businesses with visibility into the entire customer or delivery driver’s journey as they drive to the store, enabling them to perfectly time order prep and loading to the locker to minimize order dwell and customer/driver wait times. The solution provides a fast, fresh, and contactless experience for the customer, while maximizing labor efficiency. 

Apex Ordering Pickup Solutions created lockers with real-time data and unique pickup codes for customers to easily identify their compartment. Integrating location technology to this system enables restaurants and retailers to place the order in the locker at the optimal time to maximize food freshness and maximize locker capacity.

Flybuy Pickup location technology not only accurately predicts the arrival time of the customer but also can be leveraged for a multitude of solutions, including automatic locker opening upon arrival, providing a code as soon as the customer enters the premise, monitoring food freshness based on when the item entered and exited the locker, and more. When combined with the data from the smart locker, an operator has all the data they need to optimize their off-premises business.


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