Apex Introduces AnyWhere™ Self-Serve Solutions For Retail

Jan. 12, 2015

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Apex Supply Chain Technologies has introduced AnyWhere self-service product-delivery solutions for today’s on-the-go consumer. AnyWhere and the Apex Trajectory Cloud perfectly suit brands seeking omni-channel relationships with consumers by enabling them to order from AnyWhere, ship to AnyWhere and pickup AnyWhere 24/7.

“Apex AnyWhere systems allow retailers to open new channels for their customers to make and pick up a purchase,” said Apex CEO Kent Savage. “We are removing the limits of time and location so that consumers can buy and pick up their merchandise whenever, wherever and however they want. It allows retailers to provide a new and better customer experience that is perfectly aligned with the expectations of today’s on-the-go consumer.”

Apex AnyWhere solutions are purpose-built to accommodate virtually anything that can be sold—from items as small as a cup of coffee to lumber, drywall and cement bags. They are ideal for food and beverage, hardware home centers, fashion, electronics, high tech, sporting goods, and auto parts. They also support self-service fashion, tool and equipment rental, and are available for both indoor and outdoor use.

The Apex Trajectory Cloud is the smarts behind the device, and serves as a single, secure, unified transaction platform. The Trajectory Cloud manages secure transactions, providing real-time data on inventory levels at every position in the supply chain. It integrates easily with retailers’ existing systems to provide rich analytics and insights into buying behaviors, trends and loyalty preferences.

AnyWhere Self-Serve Solutions will enable a wide range of scenarios to make real-time retail work across multiple channels. For example, a customer may use their smart phone to place a coffee order on their way to work. The drink is prepared and placed into a temperature-controlled, Apex smart locker system. When the customer arrives, they can skip past the line, grab the drink from the locker, and be on their way.

Or a customer may make a clothing purchase online and click to indicate where to pick up the item. At a time that’s convenient, they can then go to pick up the purchase from the Apex smart locker system.

A contractor or do-it-yourselfer may need multiple supplies from a home improvement store. After the order is submitted through the store’s online shopping cart, the store places the merchandise outside in an Apex AnyWhere secure locker, ready for pickup, day or night. Time that had been lost walking around the large store can now be used more efficiently. Customer experience is improved and both sales and brand loyalty go up.

AnyWhere is the newest breakthrough innovation from Apex Supply Chain Technologies, already a leader in Real-Time solutions technology. Apex manages millions of secure transactions each week for more than 15,000 companies throughout the world.

Apex AnyWhere solutions are on display this week in booth 825 at the National Retail Federation’s annual Convention and Expo in New York City.

About Apex Supply Chain Technologies: Mason, Ohio-based Apex Supply Chain Technologies is a global leader in automated dispensing systems for applications in retail, professional, service and industrial settings. CEO and founder Kent Savage is widely recognized as an international expert on automated dispensing and technology solutions and a visionary for innovative applications of the technology. Apex has managed more than one billion automated vending transactions and serves thousands of global clients, including more than 300 Fortune 1000companies. For more information visit www.apexsupplychain.com/retail or call +1 (800) 229-7912.