General Mills Inc. Expands G-WIN Digital

Dec. 9, 2011
General Mills Inc. has expanded its successful G-WIN open innovation program to include digital marketing experimentation through G-WIN Digital.

General Mills Inc. has expanded its successful G-WIN open innovation program to include digital marketing experimentation through G-WIN Digital.

G-WIN Digital is looking to connect with partners who have digital marketing technologies focusing on video, social, mobile and gaming.

G-WIN Digital is seeking pilot projects and proofs of concept, and its ideal scope of work is a small pilot project to prove the technology or idea. An example of an ideal project would be a new advertising integration method for social games.

G-WIN Digital will not accept media plan proposals, original content ideas or media kit submissions.

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Editor’s Insight: Here is a national product manufacturer appealing to the general public for digital marketing ideas. No doubt, the company will be getting ideas they can use.

Smart phones, digital media and social media are all changing consumer product marketing. Hundreds of thousands of ideas are being developed. Digital media creates many challenges and opportunities for product marketers.

The National Automatic Merchandising Association has recognized the world is changing, which is why it launched its Industry Growth Strategy. 12-09-11



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