Electron® Seeks Operators To Distribute Mobile Phone Charging Stations

April 13, 2020

Like so many suppliers, Nasim Muabbat, Founder and CEO of Electron®, was looking forward to The 2020 NAMA Show. Coming off a successful start to the year, Muabbat was ready to build a distribution network full of convenience services operators by increasing product awareness.

Electron® provides wall mounted charging systems that can be rented by the day or on a monthly usage subscription. Muabbat said that Electron® has found some definite footing on college campuses and that prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, he was on track to install his mobile device chargers in 50 college campuses this year.

“Our target market is the millennial and Gen Z audience,” said Muabbat. “For this group and many others, their mobile device is their wallet — it is critically important to them. People don’t always carry their phone chargers with them. A phone without a charge is like having a wallet that you can’t open.”

After installing their first college campus location in February of 2019, Electron® is currently operating on 10 college campuses. Muabbat said that revenue and usage had been steadily increasing, right up to the campus closures in March. After seeing success on college campuses, Muabbat is ready to expand his reach to a variety of locations, working with vending, coffee service and micro market operators to reach a variety of locations.

Muabbat believes that Electron® makes sense for operators because of their access to potentially prime locations. “The installation is easy, the route service is simple, the investment is minimal, and the revenue stream is consistent,” said Muabbat. “It’s recurring revenue. Any active location, where employees are on the move, where there is waiting time, where the mobile device is important — those are all potentially great locations.”

“Large distribution facilities, theatres, public transportation stations, service centers, office buildings, executive suites, hotels, cafes and conference centers — there is an unlimited amount of potential locations,” said Muabbat. “We really won’t know the extent of the opportunity until more of these types of locations are installed.”

Muabbat said that Electron® will focus on growing around college campuses, branching out to businesses that surround the collegiate community. “As the student population becomes more accustomed to seeing and utilizing our product on campus, they will be comfortable with using it off campus at various venues,” he said. “Our goal is to be the mobile phone charging solution that people will be looking for outside of their home. As the mobile device becomes increasingly important, the need for our solution is only going to increase.”

For more information about Electron®, visit their website or contact Mark Sutton at [email protected].


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