Chemesis announces CBD vending sales and marketing partnership with Cannaballers

July 12, 2021

Chemesis International Inc. said it has signed a sales and marketing partnership with Cannaballers, a Port Townsend, WA-based CBD company.

Accoring to its website, Cannaballers “identifies, vets and performs rigorous due diligence in order to source the best-in-class CBD brands with professional practices, certifications, operations, and capabilities.”

Chemesis said its partnership with Cannaballers would more effectively bring its AI-powered Vicki vending platform to market.

As part of  the agreement, Cannaballers will develop a marketing program that leverages Vicki, beginning with a variety of product sets and locations, to collect and analyze data. Those data will be used to build a roadmap for scaling the rollout Chemesis’s vending machines.  

 “[These] data will allow the Chemesis to deploy its machines with data-driven insights based on consumer preferences,” said Chemesis president Josh Rosenberg.

Cannaballers supply chain chief Melissa Loomis added: “With the challenges facing traditional retail, exacerbated by COVID and labor shortages, the unattended space of autonomous retail is the way forward for an in-demand, yet unmanageable product category with a typical shrink rate north of 40%.”


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