Chemesis announces partnership with national retail broker L4 Sales & Logistics

June 1, 2021

Chemesis International Inc. said it has entered into a partnership with L4 Sales & Logistics, described as a national broker for large- and medium-size retailers.

Founded in 2014, L4 specializes in connecting startup brands and companies to a national network that includes such national retailers as Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot and Camping World, along with grocery store associations.

“L4 has built an expansive network, and we look forward to leveraging its database,” said Chemisis president Josh Rosenberg. “With this partnership, we look forward to introducing the VICKI platform and its brands to L4’s vast network of retailers nationwide."

In addition to an initial deployment strategy, L4 has “secured high-visibility publications that cater to large retail associations,” according to a press release. These publications are circulated at retailer sites across the United States, and are expected to generate potential placement leads for Chemisis.

“Our goal is to introduce the VICKI program to major retail stores and dispensaries in our network,” L4 chief executive Doc Langworthy. “We believe the VICKI program is in a prime position to expand into additional states that are moving towards recreational and medical cannabis use such as Oklahoma, where L4 has already built a strong network.”


[Photo: Chemesis International Inc.]
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