Swyft adds OLO sanitizing wristbands for sale in vending machines

Oct. 13, 2021

The San Francisco-based global provider of automated retail stores will sell OLO Band’s sanitizing wristbands at its Simply Travel and iStore locations.

Swyft Inc. is the parent company of ZoomSystems, a leading automated retail store operator in airports, malls, resorts, movie theaters, transit locations, residential properties and convention centers. Simply Travel stores sell masks, gloves, kits and now sanitizing wristbands from partners like OLO Band. iStores offer products from leading brands such as Apple, Beats and Sony.

"The OLO Band, which dispenses hand sanitizer from a stylish wristband, is the perfect companion for adults and children traveling and on the go, particularly because you are more exposed to shared surfaces and have an increased need to sanitize your hands," said OLO Band founder Mogan Anthony.

"Swyft is an ideal partner because its automated retail locations are within the exact setting that our customers use our product," Anthony said.