White Castle surpasses 29 billion Sliders sold since its launch in 1921

Aug. 11, 2023
The company announced that all-time sales of its burgers – The Original Slider, Cheese Slider and Jalapeno Cheese Slider – just eclipsed the 29 billion mark.

White Castle announced that it recently surpassed a milestone: all-time sales of its burgers – The Original Slider, Cheese Slider and Jalapeno Cheese Slider – just eclipsed the 29 billion mark. That includes Sliders sold in restaurants and through food retailers nationwide.

In 1921, White Castle became the first fast-food hamburger chain in the U.S., introducing customers to the small-sized hamburger that would become known as The Original Slider. Forty years later, in 1961, White Castle became the first fast-food chain to reach 1 billion burgers sold. 

“The thought of 29 billion can be difficult to grasp, but when you break it down, it all begins with one idea from a pioneer 102 years ago and one tasty little burger,” Jamie Richardson, vice president at White Castle, said in the announcement. “Our recipe for success is treating every burger sold like it is someone’s first time experiencing White Castle. Whether you’re a first-time customer or a lifelong Craver, hot and tasty 100% beef steam grilled on a bed of onions served on a bun from our own bakeries is what you’re craving, and satisfying that craving is what White Castle has delivered, 29 billion times over.”

White Castle’s menu has become synonymous with Slider-sized sandwiches. Today’s restaurants offer a wide array of Sliders, from beef and chicken to fish and plant-based protein. Five type of Sliders, including Original beef and chicken Sliders, are sold in both large and small food retailers in all 50 states. 

Based in Columbus, Ohio, the family-owned business owns and operates more than 350 restaurants as well as a retail division providing its famous fare in freezer aisles of retail stores nationwide. White Castle owns and operates its own Slider Provider meat plants, bakeries and frozen Slider retail plants. In an official White Castle app, consumers can sign up for the Craver Nation loyalty program, access sweet deals and place pickup orders at any time. They can also have their orders delivered using one of White Castle’s delivery partners.


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