SkinnyDipped Announces Investment from Singer-Songwriter Shakira

Aug. 5, 2020

SkinnyDipped announced that Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Shakira has invested in the company, further establishing SkinnyDipped's ethos of making a positive social impact and empowering female leaders. This new partnership creates an opportunity to share this ethos to reach more consumers. 

“We are incredibly excited and grateful to have cultivated this relationship with Shakira, whose dedication to the nutrition and health of women and children around the world is well-documented and incredibly respected,” said Breezy Griffith, CEO and founder of SkinnyDipped. “We have the utmost respect for her as a performer and a philanthropist, and are honored that she values our products and the work we are doing as much as our team does. This investment will support our mission and allow us the ability to make ethically-sourced, nutritious and delicious snacks accessible to more people.”


Singer, songwriter and music superstar Shakira is using her talents to help bring High Brew's 'For Those Who Do' message to a larger, diverse audience.
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