Firstchop Disrupts Prepared Food Industry, Launching Line Of Restaurant Quality, Hearty Meals, Ready In 3 Minutes

Dec. 17, 2019

CAMPBELL, Calif (December 2, 2019) - Firstchop today announced the launch of its revolutionary line of healthy, ready-to-reheat prepared meals. The meals feature generous portions of slow cooked chicken or beef with rich, flavorful sauces like Tikka Masala, Korean Barbecue and Green Mole. In sharp contrast to currently available frozen and prepared meals, Firstchop food is delicious, substantial and nutritious.

Firstchop is able to achieve their dramatically superior taste and quality through innovations in both preparation and packaging. Firstchop’s innovative cooking process includes searing meats and then slow cooking them over low heat. This allows deep flavors to develop while ensuring the meats are juicy and delicious. The meals come refrigerated instead of frozen, which improves both the quality of the food and the speed at which it reheats. Revolutionary packaging gives the products a 45-day refrigerated shelf life.

“This is real food, the kind of food you eat if you’re really hungry and care about what goes into your body,” said Ajay Narain, Firstchop’s CEO and co-founder. Narain’s inspiration in starting the company was the lack of quality across the board for convenient meals; he and his team spent the last three years refining the products. “We spent several weeks tasting every imaginable form of prepared food available. Most of the food was inexpensive but was surprisingly bad – it really tasted like you were getting what you paid for, bland, uninspired, soggy and manufactured. Honestly, we had nowhere to go but up,” he added.

Firstchop meals are free from artificial colors, preservatives and flavors and are substantial in terms of portion size (around 10 oz) and protein content (averaging 40g). With the exception of Firstchop’s Grilled Chicken dish, which is Paleo Certified, all meals contain two separate pouches, one with the main dish, the other with rice. By contrast, the vast majority of ready to reheat meals on the market today contain a paltry 19g of protein on average, are laden with unpronounceable preservatives, fillers and chemicals, and lean heavily on simple carbs.

The first to enjoy the new line of products will be long suffering office workers, whose lunch and late evening food options have been limited to stale sandwiches, limp salads, or just blatant junk like chips or candy. Using a conventional microwave oven, Firstchop meals reheat in two to three minutes and can be eaten directly out of the included tray.

Firstchop’s first four products will include chef-crafted international flavors: Korean Barbecue Beef, Chicken Tikka Masala, Chicken with Green Mole Sauce, and Grilled Chicken with Fire Roasted Vegetables. The Chicken Tikka Masala and Grilled Chicken are certified gluten free. All products will be available at office vending and micro market locations in on the West Coast through Vistar and other distributors.

About Firstchop

Firstchop is on a mission to make ridiculously satisfying meals that are super high quality, delicious and convenient. Based in Campbell, CA, Firstchop was started in 2016 as the brainchild of Ajay and Kaajal Narain. As working parents, they struggled like most busy parents to feed their two growing boys. After years of experimentation, they stumbled on sous vide as the ideal method to cook dishes and then quickly reheat after storing. Firstchop starts with the best ingredients in hearty portions, using chef-inspired recipes, to deliver everything you’d expect from a great restaurant meal, but ready in just three minutes.

For more information, please contact:

Firstchop, Inc. 408-913-5968 [email protected]