Byte Foods Uses A Smart Refrigerator Model For Breakrooms

June 21, 2018

Byte Foods, a three year old company who places refrigerators of healthy snacks, beverages and meals in California breakrooms has an unusual model for unattended retail, according to's new Unattended Tracker.  Byte doesn't pick food themselves, instead they source from local eateries and food producers to stock the smart fridges it provides to locations. Users view the prices on a screen attached to the smart fridge. When the user opens the fridge door and selects items, an automated sensor detects that products that have been taken. Users pay with the Byte mobile app or swipe a credit or debit card.

Byte doesn't ask companies to cover the cost of the food, but works with them, according to the article. On average, Byte reports that companies will subsidize roughly 50 percent of the cost, resulting in more affordable snack and beverage options for employees, without incurring the costs of providing full food options.